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Teknik January 2020: News To Me (in Technology)

February 1, 2020

Armory Show 2020

I've been using Twitter for awhile now as a sort of notebook of sorts, capturing all the rando bits of technology news I come across in my daily rounds about the Internet. Epiphanies, observations, or factoids from blogs, podcasts, or video technical sessions are all captured there.

Most of the information would not necessarily be considered news but in each case it is news to me. Each Tweet is a stan-alone idea, or thought. Sometimes, I can put together these random factoids into stories for my day job. Sometimes they are useful for personal projects. Sometimes they just end up as dead ends, albeit interesting ones.

Given how difficult Twitter makes it for me to find my old Tweets later, this column, "Teknik," will serve as a compendium to them. Every so often (monthly? Weekly? Not sure yet), I will compile my recent Tweets into one of these columns, subgrouped into category. I may add additional commentary, if needed.

In January 2020, for instance, I spent a lot of time learning about Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration engine that is paving the way for something called cloud native computing. I also delved into data management, software development, and found a great quote about what artificial intelligence really is.





Cloud Native Computing

Surveillance Capitalism


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