Stories, articles, and blog entries I've written, in reverse chronological order (Note: Links may become outdated over time):

October 2014:

IBM drills into the energy industry for cognitive computing advances (InfoWorld), 2014-10-30.
BitYota cloud data warehouse gets a boost from Microsoft Azure (PC World), 2014-10-29.
After eight years of work, HTML5 is finalized HTML5 was designed to move the Web from serving static documents to becoming a full-fledged platform for building apps (Computerworld), 2014-10-28.
IBM sends Cognos and SPSS to the cloud IBM continues to migrate its portfolio of enterprise software to the cloud (InfoWorld), 2014-10-28.
Big Data Digest: Rise of the think-bots This week in big data news, a bevvy of data-crunching analysis-centered startups came out of stealth (IT World), 2014-10-27.
Suse enterprise Linux can take your system back in time Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12 features a new system snapshot and rollback capability (Computerworld), 2014-10-27.
Canonical celebrates Cloud freedoms with new Ubuntu Canonical celebrates Cloud freedoms with new Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux now comes with Cloud Foundry and the latest version of Docker (CIO Australia), 2014-10-24.
Amazon builds sales, but quarterly losses pile up The company lost $437M this quarter, as it prepares for the holiday season (Computerworld), 2014-10-23.
IBM and Microsoft pledge to make their clouds compatible IBM will support Microsoft technologies, and vice versa, in each other's respective cloud (Techworld), 2014-10-22.
Progress builds up developer chops with Telerik buy The $262 million deal puts Progress in the fast lane of application development (Techworld), 2014-10-22.
IBM CEO defends bumpy financial ride as company strategy shifts In a call with investors, Ginni Rometty vigorously defended the pursuit of emerging high-growth markets (Computerworld), 2014-10-22.
Lufthansa leaves the computing to IBM (Computerworld), 2014-10-22.
Kii offers an on-ramp to the Internet of Things The Kii IoT platform is designed to work with any chipset or OS (Computerworld), 2014-10-21.
Microsoft (hearts) Linux, for the sake of Azure (Network World), 2014-10-20.
Ask Watson or Siri--Artificial intelligence is as elusive as ever The expert on AI assesses the state of machine smarts (InfoWorld), 2014-10-20.
Microsoft to bring Docker to Windows Server (PC World), 2014-10-15.
Facebook opens smooth scrolling Paper framework for iOS (PC World), 2014-10-15.
Microsoft tackles three critical vulnerabilities with Patch Tuesday updates The Sandworm vulnerability gets a fix this month (Computerworld), 2014-10-14.
The Weather Channel forecasts heavy NoSQL ahead The Weather Channel has found that MongoDB is fast and speeds up app development (Computerworld), 2014-10-14.
Big data digest--Set your happiness gadget to bliss (PC World), 2014-10-10.
IBM expands Watson presence across multiple industries (CIO), 2014-10-09.
APIs could be used for business intelligence ow customers use APIs could provide valuable insights, an industry expert says (Computerworld), 2014-10-09.
Microsoft researchers create a secure haven in the cloud Microsoft Haven uses a new type of virtual machine and Intel chip security calls (Computerworld), 2014-10-09.
Redfish spec wiggles servers free from vendor lock-in A new, smarter, out-of-band communications specification aims to replace the aging, fragmented IPMI (InfoWorld), 2014-10-06.
How Netflix survived the Amazon EC2 reboot The video streaming service was able to stay online even as its cloud hosting provider rebooted its servers (Computerworld), 2014-10-06.
IT pros told to pay attention to shadow IT AT Interop NY, keynoters urge IT shops to take stock of what they are failing to deliver (Computerworld), 2014-10-02.
IPsoft seeks to grow the brains of virtual assistants (PC World), 2014-10-01.

September 2014:

Q&A Meet Microsoft's new Azure CTO, Mark Russinovich (Network World), 2014-09-30.
Ericsson acquires majority stake in Apcera for cloud policy compliance Cloud software veterans created the Apcera Continuum platform with built-in policy and auditing controls (PC World New Zealand), 2014-09-25.
Harvard researchers take aim at Shellshock-like woes with new scripting language Shill scripting language limits the rights of shell programs to what is necessary to get the job done (Computerworld), 2014-09-25.
Google wants to enrich offline browsing with new standard (PC World), 2014-09-19.
Qlik courts the business manager with easier analytics (CIO), 2014-09-17.
IBM Watson Analytics preps the data so you don't have to The new IBM Watson Analytics service aims to remove many of the headaches around data cleansing and analysis (InfoWorld), 2014-09-16.
Micro Focus buying Suse Linux, Novell owner for $1.2 billion Micro Focus to pick up Attachmate for a little over half of what Attachmate paid for Novell three years ago (Computerworld), 2014-09-16.
IBM wants to replace the spreadsheet with Watson Analytics (Computerworld), 2014-09-16.
Former Red Hat CTO now head of Google Cloud Brian Stevens, who sheparded Red Hat into the cloud era, takes the helm of the Google Cloud platform (PC World), 2014-09-12.
Google offers $100,000 cloud credit for startups Qualified startups will also get tech support (Computerworld), 2014-09-12.
HP buys cloud provider Eucalyptus, Marten Mickos to lead HP Cloud Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos will head HP's Helion cloud services and software (InfoWorld), 2014-09-12.
Red Hat Satellite orbits the Amazon cloud Red Hat Satellite 6 now uses Puppet as a configuration manager (IT World), 2014-09-10.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday thwarts nosey malware (Computerworld), 2014-09-09.
Chef muscles up with Microsoft, Amazon Chef 12 now interfaces with Amazon block storage and Microsoft configuration management software (IT World), 2014-09-09.
IBM secures SoftLayer with Intel trusted modules Intel Trusted Execution Technology helps the IBM cloud service meet stringent compliance and auditing regulations (InfoWorld), 2014-09-08.
Cloud host DigitalOcean catches Docker fever Digital Ocean now offers CoreOS virtual machines, with built-in Docker support (IT World), 2014-09-05.
Google offers to accelerate Web servers with software (Computerworld), 2014-09-05.
Embarcadero developers write once to multiple platforms The new RAD Studio XE7 code editor allows developers to maintain a single code base for multiple devices (IT World), 2014-09-03.
Compuware switches to private ownership (PC World), 2014-09-02.

Aug 2014:

IBM Watson cooks up some new dishes Using Watson Chef, master cooks have created a tasty Vietnamese apple kabob and other novel dishes (IT World), 2014-08-29.
Paging Dr. Watson, IBM's medical adviser for the future (PC World), 2014-08-28.
IBM Watson now answers your questions before you ask (PC World), 2014-08-28.
VMware CEO Gelsinger: Be brave and partner (Computerworld), 2014-08-27.
Microsoft frees Visual Studio Online for occasional contributors The company made the move because enterprise software projects now involve more line-of-business participants (InfoWorld), 2014-08-27.
VMware extends virtual workspaces to mobile devices The VMware Workspace Suite combines the AirWatch mobile management software with the Horizon virtual desktop portal (InfoWorld), 2014-08-26.
VMware prepares OpenStack for enterprise use (Network World), 2014-08-25.
Microsoft jumps into NoSQL market with new Azure data store Microsoft Azure DocumentDB offers NoSQL data storage as a service on Azure (Computerworld), 2014-08-22.
NIST taking input for mobile application security A new NIST publication aims to alert enterprises of potential security dangers within commercial apps (ITWorld), 2014-08-21.
VMware acquires CloudVolumes for faster virtual app delivery (CIO), 2014-08-20.
R programming language gaining ground on traditional statistics packages The use of R is growing more quickly than that of SAS, SPSS and MATLAB, according to one researcher (IT World), 2014-08-20.
How Michael Gregoire plans to put CA back on track CA focuses on the emerging markets of cloud and mobile management, security and devops (CFOWorld), 2014-08-19.
Google brings robust cluster scheduling to its cloud Google Cloud users can now run Docker jobs alongside their Hadoop workloads in the same cluster (IT World), 2014-08-18.
TPC takes the measure of big data systems The fresh TPCx-HS benchmark could provide an apples-to-apples comparison of commercial Hadoop systems (InfoWorld), 2014-08-18.
Harvard unleashes a swarm of self-organizing robots The Harvard Kilobots provide a glimpse into how machines can mimic biological processes (Computerworld), 2014-08-14.
Docker gets a GitHub-like repository from CoreOS The recently purchased provides the software and services for CoreOS to run a Docker hub (InfoWorld), 2014-08-13.
Dell bundles backup software, eyes further development (Network World), 2014-08-13.
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday updates focus on Internet Explorer Microsoft issued 26 patches for its browser, including one that covers a critical vulnerability (Computerworld), 2014-08-12.
IBM focuses on identity management with Lighthouse buy The Lighthouse acquisition will bring IBM the ability to offer identity management as a service (Computerworld), 2014-08-11.
Google's big-data tool, Mesa, holds petabytes of data across multiple servers Mesa can also field millions of updates and queries per day (Computerworld), 2014-08-08.
IBM's new brain chip could power the Internet of things The IBM TrueNorth brain-inspired prototype processor offers the equivalent of 256 million synapses (Computerworld), 2014-08-07.
Oracle issues a virtual strongbox for enterprise encryption keys (CIO), 2014-08-07.
Pivotal unveils lightweight Java Web application stack The Pivotal App Suite collects Spring, Tomcat, Redis, RabbitMQ and other components in one integrated package (Computerworld), 2014-08-06.
HP trims its cloud offer for lighter use The HP Helion lean infrastructure service is aimed towards running collaboration suites or virtual desktops (Computerworld), 2014-08-05.
HTTP/2 Web acceleration protocol nears completion The HTTP/2 protocol will speed Web delivery, though it also may put more strain on Web servers as a result (InfoWorld), 2014-08-04.

July 2014:

MongoDB snags key Oracle engineer The chief architect behind Oracle 6, Roger Bamford will be helping MongoDB mature its namesake NoSQL database (IT World), 2014-07-31.
PHP gets a formal specification, at last A new formal PHP specification sets the stage for additional implementations of the language (IT World), 2014-07-31.
BlackBerry plans to focus on security for the enterprise BlackBerry says it can offer levels of security that can not be replicated on Apple, Android or other mobile devices (Computerwrold), 2014-07-29.
Hortonworks, Pivotal team to better manage Hadoop Two Hadoop distributors will join forces to work on Apache Ambari, a Hadoop management tool (ITWorld), 2014-07-28.
HP invests in Hortonworks' Hadoop (Network World ), 2014-07-24.
IBM aims to disrupt supercomputing market with cloud enticements IBM's SoftLayer cloud will offer supercomputer-friendly InfiniBand as an interconnect option (Computerwrold), 2014-07-23.
Microsoft brings two open source tools to Azure Packer and OpenNebula are the latest open source technologies to find a home on the Microsoft Azure cloud service (ITWorld), 2014-07-22.
W3C wants to open the social Web for the enterprise A new effort from the W3C aims to bring together enterprise social networking software with a common data format (Computerwrold), 2014-07-21.
Appcelerator gears up for the business world The Appcelerator mobile development platform has been updated for better metric collection and building of APIs (InfoWorld), 2014-07-18.
Despite cloud and mobile push, IBM's Q2 revenue flattens Profit jumps compared to a year ago, when the company took a restructuring charge (Computerworld), 2014-07-17.
Chef cooks ups infrastructure testing tools A new Chef package can test a complex system in much the same way software is tested (IT World), 2014-07-16.
Microsoft's future under Nadella less about Windows, more about mobile and cloud The company is moving away from its past devotion to its OS (Computerworld), 2014-07-16.
Google sets up cybercrime-busting task force (PC World), 2014-07-16.
IBM updates cloud strategy after loss of CIA pact IBM has brought 6,000 new customers to the cloud in the past year, according to the company (Computerworld), 2014-07-14.
Actuate software offers free data analysis to enterprise business units Departments can create reports and embed analysis results directly into Web pages, using a teaser version of Actuate's software (IT World), 2014-07-11.
AWS rolls out Zocalo, an enterprise document storage and sharing service The service, called Zocalo, was highlighted at an Amazon Web Services event (Computerworld), 2014-07-10.
Microsoft debugs IE and Windows with Patch Tuesday updates Critical IE patches address vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution (Computerworld), 2014-07-08.
Python bumps off Java as top learning language Eight out of the top 10 universities now use Python to introduce programming, a researcher has found (IT World), 2014-07-08.
Facebook uses functional programming to make News Feeds run smoothly Functional programming has been instrumental in helping debug complex code issues, one Facebook development team has found (ITWorld), 2014-07-08.
Sparc and Windows get more love in Oracle VM update Oracle VM 3.3 supports larger pages and can speed Windows operations with paravirtualized drivers (Computerworld), 2014-07-02.
Microsoft acquires software for debugging Unity games Microsoft plans to fold the UnityVS debugger into Visual Studio (PC World Australia), 2014-07-02.

June 2014:

Databricks takes on Google streaming analysis with Spark Databricks Cloud will provide Spark-based streaming analysis as a service (InfoWorld), 2014-06-30.
CoreOS Linux ending the upgrade cycle CoreOS launches commercially supported version of its Linux distribution and vows to do away with manual upgrading (Computerworld), 2014-06-30.
Oracle bolsters integration suite for mobile work Oracle SOA Suite 12c now supports the JSON and REST formats, and updates FTP management (Computerworld), 2014-06-26.
Google woos cloud developers with new tools Google now offers debugging, tracing, and monitoring tools for apps running on Google Cloud Platform (InfoWorld), 2014-06-25.
Google service analyzes live streaming data Google Cloud Dataflow can analyze both streaming and batched data with the same programming models (Computerworld), 2014-06-25.
Build mobile apps directly within the Firefox browser A new code editor from Mozilla allows developers to build and test mobile apps from within a browser window (IT World), 2014-06-25.
Google, Microsoft clouds now cover MongoDB MongoDB adds new cloud services to its already successful run of being hosted on the Amazon cloud (InfoWorld), 2014-06-24.
ISC: Cray makes Lustre palatable for storage administrators (Network World), 2014-06-23.
SC500: China wins a slowing supercomputer race China's Tianhe-2 once again tops the list of the world's most powerful supercomputers (Computerworld), 2014-06-23.
USENIX researchers get a grip on Hadoop performance Modeling Hadoop jobs can be tricky because of all the moving parts, researchers say (IT World), 2014-06-20.
USENIX: Unstable code can lead to security vulnerabilities (Computerworld), 2014-06-19.
CA gets into cloud management of IT services CA Cloud Service Management provides a central location to manage an organization's use of external cloud services (Computerworld), 2014-06-17.
Microsoft releases a browser just for developers The Internet Explorer Developer Channel will offer an early glimpse into the next version of Internet Explorer (InfoWorld), 2014-06-16.
Microsoft launches a service to help predict the future The Azure Machine Learning service will streamline the task of predictive analysis, Microsoft asserts (Computerworld), 2014-06-16.
You will not believe what programming language this Wall Street firm uses The Caml functional programming language provided Jane Street with powerful error-catching capabilities (IT World), 2014-06-13.
HP CIO Ramon Baez sees your future in the cloud (CiteWorld), 2014-06-13.
Google engineer: We need more Web programming languages The creator behind Google Dart showed developers at QCon some other nascent Web development languages (IT World), 2014-06-11.
Docker all geared up for the enterprise The virtual app delivery technology's rise has been so swift, many might be surprised its official launch happened Monday (InfoWorld), 2014-06-09.
Progress puts money behind Node.js with Modulus buy The Modulus Platform gives Progress an entry into the growing market for enterprise Node.js (InfoWorld), 2014-06-09.
Tableau Adds Story Lines to Visual Reports Tableau 8.2 can attach a narrative to a series of data visualizations (CIO), 2014-06-06.
Graph databases find answers for the sick and their healers The Neo4j graph database is proving to be popular in the medical community for connecting different entities (IT World), 2014-06-06.
Gazzang buy provides end-to-end encryption for Cloudera Hadoop The acquisition means that industries with strong security regulations will be able to use the Cloudera Hadoop distribution (Computerworld), 2014-06-04.
Oracle focuses on prepping databases as a service The latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager focuses on enabling database as a service (Techworld), 2014-06-03.
Apple unveils Swift, a new programming language for iOS, Mac (PC World), 2014-06-02.
IBM Aims to Bring Faster Development to the Cloud IBM is expanding its Bluemix cloud services to offer more agile development tools (CIO), 2014-06-02.

May 2014:

Apache lights a fire under Hadoop with Spark Apache Spark might provide a faster alternative to Hadoop MapReduce (IT World), 2014-05-30.
IBM Customizes Cloud Services for the Enterprise IBM is offering cloud services to cover patient care, customer data analysis and other specific industry processes (CIO), 2014-05-29.
PHP development team plot radical revision of the language Future versions of PHP may be compiled, thanks to the influence of Facebook engineers (InfoWorld), 2014-05-28.
Microsoft goes public with browser development plans A new site from Microsoft shows which Web standards will be supported in Internet Explorer (InfoWorld), 2014-05-28.
Intuit to Mobilize Quicken, Mint with Check Acquisition Intuit will offer the ability for mobile users to pay bills and check bank accounts through the Check service (CIO), 2014-05-27.
Oracle weaves Fabric for MySQL clustering MySQL Fabric offers high availibility and the ability to scale out across multiple servers (Network World), 2014-05-27.
Oracle weaves Fabric for MySQL clustering MySQL Fabric offers high availibility and the ability to scale out across multiple servers (Network World), 2014-05-27.
Google Cloud previews Docker-based virtual machines The popular Docker technology could provide a competitive edge for Google's cloud services (IT World), 2014-05-23.
HP service automation tools make nice with Chef, OpenStack (Network World), 2014-05-22.
The Couchbase database goes mobile Couchbase has released a version of its NoSQL database that runs on mobile devices, allowing for offline access of data (IT World), 2014-05-22.
Ubisoft Pirate ships sail onto the Web thanks to Microsoft JavaScript library The new Web version of Assassin's Creed Pirates relies on Microsoft's Babylon.js library for smooth performance (IT World), 2014-05-21.
HP service automation tools make nice with Chef, OpenStack Administrators can now incorporate Chef scipts into their own HP orchestrated workflows (Network World), 2014-05-21.
IBM, Fujifilm show super dense storage tape for big data work With IBM and Fujifilm technology, tomorrow's LTO tape cartridges could store up to 154TB of data each (Computerworld), 2014-05-20.
DOJ shutters Blackshades malware ring The DOJ has made two more arrests and seized the domain of the Blackshades malware operation (Techworld), 2014-05-19.
New PostgreSQL guns for NoSQL market The PostgreSQL database now natively supports the JSON format, making it an alternative to MongoDB (ITW), 2014-05-15.
Zend eases API development with Apigility The PHP-based Apigility handles many of the routine tasks involved in building an API (CIO), 2014-05-07.
HP to Invest $1 Billion in Open Cloud Services The new HP Helion line will encompass the full breadth of the company's enterprise cloud offerings (CIO), 2014-05-07.
HP jumps into OpenStack fray with new Helion distribution HP's OpenStack will be the cornerstone of the company's new Helion line of cloud services and products (Computerworld), 2014-05-06.
Github Challenges Emacs, Vim with New Atom Text Editor Atom allows developers to extend the text editor to speed their own workflows (CIO), 2014-05-06.
R support package unveiled in time for big-data boom For under $795 a year, Revolution Analytics will answer all R-related questions (CIO Australia), 2014-05-05.

April 2014:

BMC automates the mainframe change ticket (Computerworld), 2014-04-22.
Former GitHub CEO quits after harassment investigation (IT World), 2014-04-21.
Microsoft to close Nokia acquisition Friday (IT World), 2014-04-21.
HTML5 components released as open source (InfoWorld), 2014-04-18.
Netcraft tool flags websites affected by Heartbleed (IT World), 2014-04-17.
Canonical's Ubuntu 14.04 focuses on the long haul (Computerworld), 2014-04-16.
Red Hat adds muscle to Docker container technology (Computerworld), 2014-04-16.
IBM profit falls 21% on weak hardware sales, transition costs (Computerworld), 2014-04-16.
Court rejects Lavabit appeal, cites improper procedural handling (Techworld), 2014-04-16.
Microsoft's new toolset brings analytics to ambient intelligence (InfoWorld), 2014-04-15.
Tibco 6.0 Moves Outside the Data Center (CIO), 2014-04-14.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday bids adieu to Windows XP (Computerworld), 2014-04-09.
MongoDB 2.6 keeps pace in database speed wars (InfoWorld), 2014-04-09.
Google protests Turkish YouTube ban (CIO Australia), 2014-04-07.
Bitcoin akin to the Internet 20 years ago, digital currency executive says (PC World), 2014-04-07.
IBM System/360 launch was dawn of enterprise IT (Computerworld), 2014-04-04.
Build: Microsoft Azure embraces external technologies (Computerworld), 2014-04-03.
LucidWorks preps Solr stack as Splunk killer (InfoWorld), 2014-04-02.
Microsoft signals strategy shift at Build conference (Computerworld), 2014-04-02.

March 2014:

Oracle doubles speed of MySQL query handling (Computerworld), 2014-03-31.
Facebook, other Web giants unite to scale MySQL (IT World), 2014-03-27.
Price war! Amazon cuts cloud costs to counter Google (Computerworld), 2014-03-26.
JavaScript creator takes Mozilla helm (PC World), 2014-03-25.
Google revamps enterprise cloud services with price cuts, more features (Network World), 2014-03-25.
In-memory tech key to moving databases to real time (Computerworld), 2014-03-24.
Facebook Hack builds code safety into PHP (InfoWorld), 2014-03-21.
IBM Watson has another go at helping solve brain cancer riddles (IT World), 2014-03-19.
New Relic Expands Into Business Metric Monitoring (CIO), 2014-03-19.
HP updates life cycle development suite for faster testing (InfoWorld), 2014-03-18.
Embarcadero unifies iOS and Android development within one tool (InfoWorld), 2014-03-17.
Embarcadero buys CA's Erwin data modeling tools (Computerworld), 2014-03-14.
NoSQL vendor Basho restaffs barren executive ranks (Computerworld), 2014-03-13.
VMware launches virtual SAN software (IT World), 2014-03-12.
HP gains traction with augmented reality service (IT World), 2014-03-12.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday rounds up IE flaws (Computerworld), 2014-03-11.
Xen hypervisor moves into ARM space (Network World), 2014-03-10.
N.C. State researchers devise tool that detects Android malware (Computerworld), 2014-03-07.
Tableau folds Splunk data into business analysis (PC World), 2014-03-06.
Red Hat to take on Microsoft with .NET hosted service (Computerworld), 2014-03-05.
Red Hat polishes business process management suite (InfoWorld), 2014-03-04.
NIST Seeks to Bring Rigor to Data Science (CIO), 2014-03-04.

February 2014:

HP breaks Autonomy IDOL into discrete services (InfoWorld), 2014-02-28.
Wind River outfits VxWorks for Internet of things (IT World), 2014-02-27.
Atlassian packages Git aid kit for the enterprise (InfoWorld), 2014-02-27.
Facebook removes C++ lint with new analysis tool (IT World), 2014-02-26.
Novell goes large for ZENworks update (Network World), 2014-02-25.
Microsoft TypeScript graduates to Visual Studio (InfoWorld), 2014-02-25.
Microsoft Azure continues enterprise push with private on-ramps (Computerworld), 2014-02-24.
IBM buys NoSQL cloud provider Cloudant (InfoWorld), 2014-02-24.
IBM begins moving software portfolio to the cloud (Computerworld), 2014-02-24.
Joyent offers Canonical-customized Ubuntu as a cloud service (Network World), 2014-02-20.
Informatica Promises Speedier Report Development (CIO), 2014-02-19.
HP offers private app catalogs for enterprises (Network World), 2014-02-18.
IBM and AT&T join forces on Internet-of-things systems (Computerworld), 2014-02-18.
HP offers private app catalogs for enterprises (Network World), 2014-02-13.
Chromebooks to get VMware virtual desktop service (Computerworld), 2014-02-13.
Amazon Web Service offers R on demand (Computerworld), 2014-02-11.
Red Hat, Hortonworks hook up for Hadoop (Computerworld), 2014-02-11.
HP expands OneView into VMware environs (Network World), 2014-02-10.
Docker challenges virtualization market with containers (InfoWorld), 2014-02-07.
Red Hat brings SOA to the cloud (Computerworld), 2014-02-05.
IBM questions D-Wave quantum claims (Computerworld), 2014-02-04.
Cloudera launches in-memory analyzer for Hadoop (Network World), 2014-02-04.

January 2014:

Dell lets managers go off road with self-serve analytics (Computerworld), 2014-01-31.
Startup Altiscale Offers Hadoop Hosted Service (CIO), 2014-01-30.
AMD debuts first ARM processor (Computerworld), 2014-01-29.
Lavabit case highlights legal fuzziness around encryption rules (PC World), 2014-01-28.
Lavabit to have its day in federal appeals court (Techworld), 2014-01-28.
HP envisions the holistic data center (Network World), 2014-01-24.
VMware acquires AirWatch to boost mobile device, application management (Computerworld), 2014-01-22.
Red Hat refreshes private cloud stacks for the enterprise (Computerworld), 2014-01-22.
Hardware torpedoes IBM's Q4 revenue (Computerworld), 2014-01-21.
Amazon moves to next-generation compute instances (PC World), 2014-01-21.
IBM pumps $1.2 billion into global cloud data centers (Network World), 2014-01-17.
IBM X series servers can now pack Flash into speedy DIMM slots (Computerworld), 2014-01-16.
Microsoft expands open-source efforts in Asia (Techworld), 2014-01-16.
Twitter now requires encrypted API communication (InfoWorld), 2014-01-15.
Patch Tuesday: Fairly quiet on the Microsoft front (Computerworld), 2014-01-14.
Nginx woos the enterprise with new commercial Web server software release (InfoWorld), 2014-01-13.
IBM's new business unit aims to make Watson a moneymaker (Computerworld), 2014-01-09.
Wolfram offers data analysis stack to device makers (InfoWorld), 2014-01-08.
Facebook uses a seasoned Chef to keep servers simmering (IT World), 2014-01-07.
GitHub cranks delivery speeds, adds analytics (PC World), 2014-01-07.