Jo Yeh, the New York Years

July 2020

Here's few pages taken from Jo Yeh's zines. Yeh is an illustrator currently living in Taipei. We met her when she moved to New York in 2015. In series of spare but poignant byte-sized books, she captured the confusion, loneliness and moments of compassion that everybody experiences living in NYC as a newcomer.

"I like creating work that has connections to real life, or looks like a screenshot from someone’s memory, but somehow something feels a little off," she told Ballpitmag.

My friend Jess and I interviewed Jo a few years back, for Bushwick Nation.

2007-FA-Jo_Yeh-Zine/ From "A Rainy Day."

2007-FA-Jo_Yeh-Zine/ From "A Good Boy."

2007-FA-Jo_Yeh-Zine/ From "City Rats."