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Tech Notes January 2021: Maximum Insights-Per-Minute!

My notes on information technology, technology, science and other matters, as taken from various podcasts, videos and other online flotsam. In effect, this page is a log of everything I've learned over these past 30 days, as summarized on Twitter. Some of this material I go on to use in my day job, as managing editor for The New Stack.

This month: Measures that become targets cease to be measures; AI confused by jumbled sentences but can make avocado chairs. Why Optimization is forever at odds with efficiency; Configuration-as-code is superior than Infrastructure-as-Code; The dangers of equating emotion with weakness; Strange spatial dimensions and time-striped event horizons; Genetic Assertive Mating...

Site Reliability Engineering


Machine Learning


Distributed Systems

Art of the Month Mernet Larsen's strange spatial dimensions (James Cohan gallery)

IT Operations

Service Mesh



Open Source


Technology History


Toxic Masculinity

Art of the Month Audrey Stone's event horizons (Morgan Lehman Gallery)

Surveillance Capitalism

Editorial Process

The Creative Process


Twitter impressions, January 2021: 91,000

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