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Tech Notes, Dec 2020: Dark Energy Pulls Us Apart

My notes on information technology, technology, science and other matters, as taken from various podcasts, videos and other online flotsam. In effect, this page is a log of everything I've learned over these past 30 days, as summarized on Twitter. Each Tweet is an index card, with a summary or quote and links for deeper exploration. Some of this material I may use in my day job, as managing editor for The New Stack. Other bits I use for other writing projects.

This month: Lambda Calculus and the birth of computer science; computer science != algorithmic science; The limits of artificial intelligence; learn and adapt > prevent and fix; Dr. Timnit Gebru and Google's move to clamp down on unflattering AI research; the Astley Paradox; the surprise end of CentOS; Why SecOps doesn't get invited to the holiday parties; and More!

Mathematics and Computer Science

System Architecture



Art of the Month "So Far So Good," Street art, Bushwick NYC

The Year Ahead, The Year in Review

Red Hat Kills CentOS


Art of the Month "Untitled," David Von Schlegell, Storm King Art Center, Hudson Valley, NYC (click)

Machine Learning

Dr. Timnit Gebru and the Google AI Program



Art of the Month From Ryan McGinness' show "Mindscapes," Miles McEnery gallery, NYC (Click)


Tech Editing


Art of the Month Street art, Soho, NYC

Toxic Masculinity

Startup Culture


Art of the Month A pillbox I bought at a Barcelona flea market.

Twitter impressions, December 2020: 58,900

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