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Tech Notes: October 2020

My notes on information technology, technology, science and other matters, as taken from various podcasts, videos and other online flotsam.

Most days I go running. Podcasts and video lectures pass the time. To goose my dawdling mind, I try to remember *one* useful bit of information from each presentation. I Tweet this micro-epiphany in order to properly understand the idea, in 280 characters or less.

So, in effect, this page is a log of everything I've learned over these past 30 days, as summarized on Twitter. Some of this material I go on to use in my day job, as managing editor for The New Stack.

This month: eBPF makes the Linux kernel programmable; feature flags can speed development; Darwin's "Origin of Species" as technical writing; RSA vs. DSA for SSH; the challenges of spacing Web pages; share communications, not memory.



Distributed Computing


Art for the month The house featured in the Amityville Horror, all gussied up for Halloween(Amityville, NY).

Linux eBPF



The Cloud

Art for the month Beverly Fishman, "I Dream of Sleep" (Miles McEnery, NY).

Git and GitOps

Open Application Model





George Floyd Dark matter pulls the universe apart (American Museum of Natural History).



Art for the month Opus 44 sculpture park(Saugerties, NY).

Twitter impressions, October 2020: 59,100

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