Road Trip

Road Trip: The Path of Totality

April 06, 2018

Road trip to the Path of Totality for the August 2017 Eclipse

I would not recommend driving 1,400 miles in approximately 30 hours. But if you must do it, it helps to have a speedy set of wheels. Our goal was to experience the eclipse in its entirety, to get under the path of totality as its darkness cut a swath across the United States mid-day August 21, 2017. We were not sure what to expect, but we heard it would make an impact on our lives somehow, slipping ever-so-momentarily behind the dark side of the moon. But the closest point of such totality was at least 500 miles south of us. Others had made plans, procured camping spots and sleeping bags for the night before. We had a Ford Mustang to get us there, and get us back, through a 30 hour day all in order to experience the 3 minute micro-day of pure planetary discombobulation within. Time-dilation whiplash that was, but so worth it....