Stories, articles, and blog entries I've written, in reverse chronological order (Note: Links may become outdated over time):

September 2015:

Google launches virtual machines for the budget-minded Google preemptible VMs cost 70 percent less than standard virtual machines, but may be discontinued at any time (Network World), 2015-09-10.
The Microsoft Edge browser gets its first critical patches Microsoft Edge gets four security fixes in its first Patch Tuesday, its older sibling Internet Explorer got 17 (Computerworld), 2015-09-08.
NIST sets the stage for contactless fingerprint readers Companies develop readers that can scan fingerprints from a close distance (Computerworld), 2015-09-07.
IBM, ARM collaborate on refining Internet of Things deployment The IBM IoT cloud platform can now automatically recognize ARM mbed processors (CIO), 2015-09-03.
HP beefs up enterprise security suite with tools to root out malware, app vulnerabilites Credit: Hewlett-Packard The Fortify app testing service has gained machine learning analysis capabilities (IT World), 2015-09-02.
Microsoft bulks up Azure virtual machines The new GS-series line of Azure virtual machines offers up to 64 terabytes of storage and can deliver 2,000 MBs of throughput to the backend storage (Network World), 2015-09-02.
ACLU urges court to block NSA continued phone records collection The US intelligence agency is collecting phone records under a 180-day transition period, which the ACLU is contesting (PC World), 2015-09-02.
VMware pitches network virtualization for better security Virtualization, including network virtualization, is the missing piece of the puzzle for securing an enterprise, the VMware CEO said at VMworld (Network World), 2015-09-01.

Aug 2015:

VMware rounds out data center virtualization stack VMware has added more components to its software-defined data center, updating vCloud, NSX and its OpenStack distribution (Network World), 2015-08-31.
VMware touts new technologies for managing containers and live migration of virtual machines RAD Studio 10 Seattle has an updated Visual Control Library designed to mesh with the Windows 10 look-and-feel (InfoWorld), 2015-08-31.
IBM fattens patent portfolio in cloud tech The IBM long-term cloud strategy involves a large patent portfolio to keep competitors at bay (CIO), 2015-08-31.
Intel reveals big data's dirty little secret To get value from big data, enterprises need systems that require less assembly and expertise to run, an Intel executive said. (CIO), 2015-08-28.
Ex-Apple CEO Sculley's new firm preps stylish budget phones for Asia The Obi Worldphone Android-based smartphones both start at under $199 (PC World), 2015-08-27.
Google container management service exits beta, gets uptime guarantee Google is now offering a container management service, called the Google Container Engine, for production workloads (Network World), 2015-08-26.
IBM extends Spectrum storage line into the cloud cloud storage hp IBM augments its software-defined Spectrum line of storage offerings with integrated cloud capabilities (Computerworld), 2015-08-26.
Yahoo woos mobile developers with help on ads, reporting Yahoo is gearing mobile developers to wrestle user mind share away from traditional media outlets (InfoWorld), 2015-08-26.
Salesforce platform gets a new look and feel The Lightning interface will be rolled out to the Sales Cloud first, with other services getting updated shortly thereafter. (CIO), 2015-08-25.
How Facebook engineers conquer elusive app memory leaks They have learned that it is best not to be so fussy when asking for memory from the operating system. (IT World), 2015-08-24.
How Facebook engineers conquer elusive app memory leaks They have learned that it is best not to be so fussy when asking for memory from the operating system. (IT World), 2015-08-24.
Former Google engineer revs up a new Linux filesystem BcacheFS is the first Linux file system written specifically for solid state disks. (Network World), 2015-08-24.
Facebook releases software that creates more software The Codegen tool, released as open source, provides a way to supercharge the process of creating complex Web applications. (IT World), 2015-08-21.
Former Google engineer revs up a new Linux filesystem BcacheFS is the first Linux file system written specifically for solid state disks. (Network World), 2015-08-21.
Mesophere assembles a software stack to analyze streaming data Mesosphere Infinity integrates Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka and Akka (Network World), 2015-08-20.
Microsoft buddies up to Docker with Windows Server Containers Microsoft has released a preview of the Windows container virtualization technology (Network World), 2015-08-19.
How Google looked to the past to develop a network for the future Telephone systems, not computer networks, provided inspiration for Google. (Network World), 2015-08-19.
Mozilla offers app to create Web pages on smartphones More like this Female executive standing on building looking through telescope at skyline Prepare for a future without Internet Explorer browsers chrome firefox internet explorer safari (InfoWorld), 2015-08-17.
Kaspersky denies faking anti-virus info to thwart rivals (CSO), 2015-08-14.
Dell improves Chromebook screen, battery for enterprise users Dell has toughened up the Google Chromebook for the business market. (Computerworld), 2015-08-13.
GitHub launches desktop client to lure more developers The GitHib desktop can branch copies of a software project and then merge user changes back into the project (IT World), 2015-08-12.
Google moves two cloud data analysis services out of beta Google Cloud Dataflow and Google PubSub are both now available as commercial services (InfoWorld), 2015-08-12.
Windows 10 gets its first set of security patches (CSO), 2015-08-11.
BlackBerry denies its OS was to blame in Jeep Cherokee hack (CIO), 2015-08-10.
Psychologists find frisky texters everywhere Psychologists find frisky texters everywhere (PC World), 2015-08-08.
How Facebook made mobile site faster for users with limited bandwidth By resorting to unconventional engineering, Facebook saves users in developing countries precious bandwidth while still offering them a close-to-optimal Facebook experience. (Computerworld), 2015-08-06.
Microsoft offers Windows developers a bridge to Apple iOS The WinObjC library provides a way to port Apple iOS applications to Windows, and to write iOS apps with Visual Studio (IT World), 2015-08-06.
Qualys offers free IT asset management service for enterprises Qualys AssetView provides an inventory of computers, and the software they run (IT World), 2015-08-05.
Red Hat readies OpenStack for the enterprise Red Hat has packaged OpenStack to make it easier to deploy for hosting mission critical jobs (Network World), 2015-08-05.
Who goes there? CA will know with Xceedium buy Xceedium technology will fill in the gaps of CA's identity management suite (PC World), 2015-08-04.
IBM applies some engineering rigor to the Internet of things The company says the practice of product line engineering will help IoT manufacturers maintain their portfolios (InfoWorld), 2015-08-03.
Condé Nast parent company jumps into big data market with 1010data purchase Advance has bought the big data services provider for $500 million, and plans to inject capital into it so it can expand its operations (PC World), 2015-08-03.

July 2015:

DataTorrent tackles complexity of Hadoop data ingestion It designed dtIngest to streamline the collection, aggregation and transfer of data to and from a Hadoop cluster (Network World), 2015-07-30.
IBM aims new IoT community site at developers The DeveloperWorks Recipes forum will offer technical tutorials on connecting remote devices to back-end cloud systems (InfoWorld), 2015-07-30.
Google: Lock up your Compute Engine data with your own encryption keys Google will now let enterprise customers of one of its Cloud Platform services lock up their data with their own encryption keys, in case they are concerned about the company snooping on their corpora (CSO), 2015-07-29.
After Windows 8 debacle, PC makers have high hopes for Windows 10 OEMs are hoping that advances features of Windows 10, such as Cortana, may encourage people to replace their older Windows 7 machines (PC World), 2015-07-29.
Amazon takes on MySQL with Aurora Going forward, Amazon will position Aurora as its default database service. (Computerworld), 2015-07-28.
IBM launches its data warehouse service into the cloud The DashDB data warehouse relies on in-memory technology to speed up analysis (CIO), 2015-07-27.
Amazon posts a $92M profit as AWS sales nearly double Amazon also touted higher overall revenue (Computerworld), 2015-07-24.
Blackberry delves deeper into security with AtHoc purchase The BlackBerry Security Summit shows a company focused on offering end-to-end security for governments and business (Computerworld), 2015-07-24.
IBM moves open source business software to the cloud The DeveloperWorks Open site will initially host 50 IBM open source software projects (CIO), 2015-07-22.
New industry group to bring Web-scale tech to the enterprise The Cloud Native Computing Foundation will develop software for creating a micro-services architecture (InfoWorld), 2015-07-21.
Five arrested in JPMorgan hacking case Bloomberg sources claim a recent set of arrests are related to the 2014 JPMorgan computer compromise affecting 83 million people (PC World), 2015-07-21.
Google releases a cloud manager ready for the enterprise With Kubernetes, Google wants to help enterprises adopt a container-based micro-services architecture (Network World), 2015-07-21.
Microsoft Visual Studio understands a world beyond Windows Visual Studio 2015 comes with Roslyn, the next-generation compiler technology (IT World), 2015-07-20.
CoolaData offers behavorial analytics as a cloud service Based on the Google Cloud Platform, CoolaData provides a complete data warehouse as an online service (Computerworld), 2015-07-16.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday says goodbye to Windows Server 2003 Credit: Open Clipart Microsoft scrambled to cover a vulnerability unearthed in recent Hacking Team breach (Computerworld), 2015-07-15.
Microsoft rallies partners around cloud, mobile, Windows 10 At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, COO Kevin Turner bashed Google and traditional IT companies (Network World), 2015-07-15.
CA Technologies embraces devops with updated tools CA application management and infrastructure management software can now work together (IW), 2015-07-14.
IBM introduces Watson to Africa and the Middle East IBM partners with Abu Dhabi development company Mubadala to introduce Watson services in the region (CIO), 2015-07-13.
Microsoft Cortana Analytics looks to democratize big data Cortana Analytics will unify a number of different Microsoft data processing technologies, such as machine learning and stream processing (Computerworld), 2015-07-13.
Nvidia attempts to ease the path to deep learning Newly updated Digits software now has a graphical user interface and can build models using up to 4 GPUs at a time (Computerworld), 2015-07-07.
How Instagram spots a trend Instagram relies on simple automated analysis of hashtags to understand the hot topics among its users (PC World), 2015-07-02.
Microsoft streamlines hybrid cloud operations with new tools The company has embedded its cloud Operations Management Suite into System Center, and has enhanced its Azure backup offerings (PC World), 2015-07-01.

June 2015:
Microsoft, Google, Mozilla team to build a faster Web Web Assembly will provide a standardized way to compile Web applications before they run, in order to speed their performance (InfoWorld), 2015-06-18.
SAS automates data modeling for fast analysis SAS Factory Miner can automate the buidling of data models and pick the best ones to predict the future (InfoWorld), 2015-06-17.

May 2015:
The Key To Success For Java Is Simplicity More like this hourglass time sands Java at 20: The programming juggernaut rolls on java heart Java at 20: Its successes, failures, and future match 268526 1280 Java at 20: H (InfoWorld), 2015-05-20.
Google Cloud organizes all the log files to ease troubleshooting Google Cloud Logging collects dozens of metrics from Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine (InfoWorld), 2015-05-19.
Microsoft sets up machine learning demo site that guesses your age The purpose of the Website is to convince developers that machine learning algorithms are easy to use (InfoWorld), 2015-05-05.
5 way the new Edge browser beats Internet Explorer Farewell, Internet Explorer. Make way for Microsoft’s next browser, Edge. (PC World), 2015-05-04.
Microsoft jumps into application monitoring Application Insights can be used to instrument applications to better understand how well they perform (InfoWorld), 2015-05-01.

April 2015:
Microsoft jumps into application monitoring Application Insights can be used to instrument applications to better understand how well they perform (InfoWorld), 2015-04-30.
Microsoft to offer three new ways to store big data on Azure Azure to feature a data warehouse, a data lake, and the ability to pool multiple databases (InfoWorld), 2015-04-30.
Red Hat broadens programming language support RHEL can now support multiple versions of a single programming language, such as Python (InfoWorld), 2015-04-24.
Microsoft makes debugging PHP less painful with new Azure tool Microsoft has tapped the Zend Z-Ray for advanced PHP analysis (InfoWorld), 2015-04-16.
MIT Picture language could be worth a thousand lines of code MIT has developed a probabilistic programming language that could take same the grunt work out of machine learning (InfoWorld), 2015-04-14.
Embarcadero moves RAD Studio beyond Windows RAD Studio XE8 paves the way for app tethering and proximity-based beacon networks (InfoWorld), 2015-04-07.

March 2015:
Microsoft consolidates enterprise editions of Visual Studio Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate will be merged into a single Visual Studio Enterprise edition (InfoWorld), 2015-03-31.
HP links Vertica and IDOL seeking better unstructured data analysis The company built a connector server for the products, which it acquired separately in 2011 (InfoWorld), 2015-03-30.
Facebook engineering tool mimics dodgy network connectivity Facebook ATC (Augmented Traffic Control) can simulate network traffic on 2G, Edge, 3G, or LTE networks (InfoWorld), 2015-03-23.
Red Hat formulates a plan for building enterprise mobile apps The FeedHenry acquisition last year now gives Red Hat an integrated mobile platform (InfoWorld), 2015-03-17.
VMware expands desktop virtualization to Linux More like this VMware bundles apps into BYOD management suite VMware to extend Horizon beyond virtual desktop infrastructure VMware lets users run virtualized desktops locally with Flex (InfoWorld), 2015-03-13.
Google brings app messaging to its cloud Google Cloud PubSub messaging service can tie together different components of an enterprise cloud application (InfoWorld), 2015-03-05.
Atlassian offers high-volume, Git-based code management The Stash Data Center can support thousands of developers all submitting their code changes at once (InfoWorld), 2015-03-02.

February 2015:
Google shares code to help server software digest HTTP/2 The open sourced software, called gRPC, is an updated standard for transmitting Web pages and apps over the Internet (InfoWorld), 2015-02-27.
How IBM analyzes Twitter for the enterprise developer Developers can parse massive amounts of Twitter data through Watson Analytics or IBM Bluemix platform services (InfoWorld), 2015-02-25.
IBM brings BlueMix platform services in-house IBM is launching a series of tools to help ease the process of setting up a hybrid cloud (InfoWorld), 2015-02-23.