Stories, articles, and blog entries I've written, in reverse chronological order (Note: Links may become outdated over time):

December 2013:

The rise of hobbyist programmers (Computerworld), 2013-12-20.
IBM adds a fancy scheduler to its OpenStack stack (InfoWorld), 2013-12-20.
IBM gets fast file transfers with Aspera acquisition (Computerworld), 2013-12-19.
Biologically inspired: How neural nets are finally maturing (Computerworld), 2013-12-18.
Pensioners sue IBM over reported NSA involvement (Computerworld), 2013-12-16.
Microsoft launches network of Azure providers (Network World), 2013-12-13.
New Instagram feature allows users to share photos, videos with specific people (Computerworld), 2013-12-13.
Dell and Red Hat Team to Sell Enterprise Openstack (CIO), 2013-12-13.
BMC Launches Service to Host Private-label Enterprise App Stores (CIO), 2013-12-13.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 issued in beta form (Network World), 2013-12-12.
HP makes a case for the private cloud (Network World), 2013-12-11.
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday reinforces the value of software upgrades (Computerworld), 2013-12-10.
Apache frees Kafka messaging app from LinkedIn (IT World), 2013-12-09.
DARPA makes finding software vulnerabilities fun (Network World), 2013-12-06.
IBM lays plans to be a cloud storage broker (Network World), 2013-12-06.
Oracle integrates DTrace debugger into its Linux distribution (Network World), 2013-12-05.
Joyent polishes Node.js with commercial support package (CIO), 2013-12-04.
JetBrains builds on Google Android collaboration for new IntelliJ IDEA (InfoWorld), 2013-12-04.
Google Compute Engine goes live (InfoWorld), 2013-12-03.
Here's how Google and Amazon scale up their huge IT operations (Computerworld), 2013-12-02.

November 2013:

D-Wave pitches quantum co-acceleration to supercomputing set (Computerworld), 2013-11-26.
SC13: Elevation plays a role in memory error rates (IT World), 2013-11-21.
Facebook goes open source with its embedded data store (InfoWorld), 2013-11-21.
SC13: GPUs would make terrific network monitors (Computerworld), 2013-11-20.
Top500 shows growing inequality in supercomputing power (Computerworld), 2013-11-20.
New OpenSUSE embraces 64-bit ARM (Computerworld), 2013-11-20.
Cray brings Hadoop to supercomputing (Computerworld), 2013-11-19.
China still has the fastest supercomputer in the world (Computerworld), 2013-11-18.
Amazon offers PostgreSQL from the cloud (InfoWorld), 2013-11-15.
Amazon's new I2 instance aims for consistent high performance (Network World), 2013-11-14.
Microsoft preps Visual Studio tools for post-production duties (Computerworld), 2013-11-13.
Amazon bashes private clouds, launches virtual desktops (Network World), 2013-11-13.
AWS: Our virtual desktop will succeed where others have stumbled (Network World), 2013-11-13.
Google extends App Engine for mobile app back end (InfoWorld), 2013-11-11.
USENIX: Flame graph shows system performance in a new light (Network World), 2013-11-08.
Red Hat prepares for 64-bit ARM servers (Computerworld), 2013-11-08.
Bruce Schneier wants to make surveillance costly again (Network World), 2013-11-07.
Facebook goes open source with Presto query engine for big data (InfoWorld), 2013-11-06.
Red Hat CloudForms commandeers OpenStack for the enterprise (Network World), 2013-11-05.
Hadoop brings far-flung people together across time and space (IT World), 2013-11-04.

October 2013:

Travelers rejoice: FAA to allow use of electronics for entire flights (CITEWorld), 2013-10-31.
NSA's Accumulo NoSQL store offers role-based data access (Network World), 2013-10-31.
Eucalyptus eases way to bring Amazon cloud deployments in-house (Computerworld UK), 2013-10-30.
Jaspersoft wants to attract new users with kinder, gentler BI features (TechWorld), 2013-10-29.
Cloudera positions Hadoop as an enterprise data hub (PC World), 2013-10-29.
Microsoft goes big data with new Hadoop Azure service (Network World), 2013-10-28.
New Relic to mine performance data for business insights (Network World), 2013-10-24.
Pivotal Bulks Up Big Data Software Portfolio (CIO), 2013-10-23.
MicroStrategy adds big data analytics tools to BI software (Computerworld), 2013-10-22.
Facebook users get a bumpy Monday log in (IT World), 2013-10-21.
Beyond caching: Google engineers reveal secrets to faster websites (PC World), 2013-10-21.
Percona challenges Oracle with alternate MySQL release (Network World), 2013-10-16.
Puppet users to get visual cues for troubleshooting systems (IT World), 2013-10-16.
Canonical's Saucy Salamander gives Ubuntu some speed (Computerworld), 2013-10-16.
HP offers big data digital marketing service (Computerworld), 2013-10-16.
Facebook open-source cache squeezes more from flash disks (Network World), 2013-10-09.
Patch Tuesday brings crucial IE fix (Computerworld), 2013-10-08.
Microsoft offers Equinix customers private Azure access (Network World), 2013-10-07.
Facebook networking chief: No more secret ASIC commands (Network World), 2013-10-04.
IBM purchases Xtify to target new marketing channels (PC World), 2013-10-03.
Verizon's Next Cloud Services Emphasize Performance & Granular Billing (CIO), 2013-10-03.
Slideshow: Spotify turns to street artists to inspire its employees (TechHive), 2013-10-03.
IBM acquiring LTE analyzer Now Factory (CIO), 2013-10-01.
Splunk dives deeper into business analytics (InfoWorld), 2013-10-01.

September 2013:

BMC merges Hadoop jobs with enterprise workflows (InfoWorld), 2013-09-30.
Free Unix! The world-changing proclamation made 30 years ago today (Network World), 2013-09-27.
Microsoft wants to scan your JavaScript libraries (InfoWorld), 2013-09-27.
Microsoft sails past Oracle in bringing Java SE to cloud (Computerworld), 2013-09-26.
HP brings converged infrastructure smarts to its servers (Network World), 2013-09-25.
JetBrains makes a free version of its Python editor (Infoworld), 2013-09-24.
Red Hat unveils middleware for cloud developers (Computerworld), 2013-09-24.
Oracle preps NetBeans for a mobile Web future (Infoworld), 2013-09-20.
Linux gets a boost from mobile (InfoWorld), 2013-09-16.
Couchbase open source data store goes mobile (Computerworld), 2013-09-13.
Big Blue buttons down big data (CIO), 2013-09-12.
Want that app to go? RAD Studio dev tool now supports Android, iOS (InfoWorld), 2013-09-11.
IBM sells customer care outsourcing unit for $505M (Computerworld), 2013-09-11.
Red Hat continues to burnish Storage Server (Network World), 2013-09-10.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday delivers critical IE, Outlook fixes (Computerworld), 2013-09-10.
NIST denies NSA tampering with encryption standards (Network World), 2013-09-10.
PostgreSQL 9.3 works well with others (Computerworld), 2013-09-09.
Court bars Apple from making industry-wide e-book deals (Computerworld), 2013-09-06.
Apache Cassandra 2.0 brings the old school SQL functionality (InfoWorld), 2013-09-04.
Cache warfare: Azure and AWS get updated caching services (IT World), 2013-09-04.

August 2013:

NIST subjects draft cybersecurity framework to more public scrutiny (IT World), 2013-08-30.
IBM starts restricting hardware patches to paying customers (IT World), 2013-08-29.
VMware brings Suse Linux to newly launched cloud service (Network World), 2013-08-27.
HyTrust enforces two-person approval for VMware security (Network World), 2013-08-26.
VMware adds networking, storage to its virtual data center stack (Network World), 2013-08-26.
VMware sets sites on network virtualization (Computerworld), 2013-08-26.
Appcelerator gets API smarts with Singly buy (Computerworld), 2013-08-22.
Nginx Web server goes commercial with new release (Network World), 2013-08-22.
NYSE builds business around resilient infrastructure services (Network World), 2013-08-20.
Dell Foglight vanquishes zombie VMs (Network World), 2013-08-20.
HP equips WorkSite with file-sharing service (Computerworld), 2013-08-20.
IBM and Verizon are competing for $10B in government cloud work (Computerworld), 2013-08-16.
Microsoft yanks troublesome Exchange security patch (Computerworld), 2013-08-15.
Facebook's Graph Search puts Apache Giraph on the map (Computerworld), 2013-08-14.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday: The Ping of Death returns, IPv6-style (Computerworld), 2013-08-14.
Oracle gives MySQL Workbench a new look (InfoWorld), 2013-08-12.
Judge scolds Apple for lack of remorse in e-book antitrust case (PC World), 2013-08-09.
Infochimps, a cloud-based data analytics startup, gets acquired (CiteWorld), 2013-08-09.
IBM devises software for its experimental brain-like chips (Network World), 2013-08-08.
Computer game pioneer John Carmack joins virtual reality startup (TechHive), 2013-08-07.
HP consolidates record management applications (CIO), 2013-08-07.
Firefox, Chrome strengthen in-browser debugging (IT World), 2013-08-06.
Microsoft eases development for Windows Phone apps (Computerworld), 2013-08-06.
Rapidly growing DigitalOcean opens second NYC data center (Computerworld), 2013-08-03.
Facebook offers promotional help to small game developers (Network World), 2013-08-01.
W3C's Web Storage tech goes live (Computerworld), 2013-08-01.

July 2013:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux gets cozy with MongoDB (Computerworld), 2013-07-30.
Facebook invents a PHP virtual machine (Computerworld), 2013-07-26.
Cloudbees Moves Into Data Integration with Foxweave Buy (CIO), 2013-07-26.
Google posts Chromecast development kit for third-party apps (TechHive), 2013-07-25.
Microsoft to offer Java as a service (Network World), 2013-07-24.
Apache OpenOffice gets a handy-dandy sidebar (PC World), 2013-07-23.
Canonical to crowdfund first batch of Ubuntu Edge phones (TechHive), 2013-07-22.
Oracle and ARM to tweak Java (Computerworld), 2013-07-22.
Novell serves up enterprise printing for BYOD era (Network World), 2013-07-19.
NoSQL joins SQL in FoundationDB purchase of Akiban (InfoWorld), 2013-07-18.
Puppet Acquires Devops Startup Cloudsmith (CIO), 2013-07-17. gets an open-source revamp (Computerworld), 2013-07-16.
Bill Gates predicts the return of Microsoft Bob (InfoWorld), 2013-07-16.
Microsoft addresses devops with InRelease technology (InfoWorld), 2013-07-15.
Oracle equips WebLogic, Coherence for cloud use (InfoWorld), 2013-07-12.
Antitrust ruling could temper Apple's revolutionary zeal (MacWorld), 2013-07-11.
EMC battles rogue backups (Computerworld), 2013-07-10.
Apple colluded with book publishers on e-book prices, judge rules (Computerworld), 2013-07-10.
Patch Tuesday release handles malicious fonts in Microsoft Windows (Computerworld), 2013-07-09.
Microsoft adds business intelligence to Office 365 (Computerworld), 2013-07-08.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c gears up for the private cloud (Computerworld), 2013-07-02.
Microsoft shutters TechNet subscriptions (Network World), 2013-07-01.

June 2013:

Adobe digs deeper into marketing field with Neolane purchase (Computerworld), 2013-06-27.
Microsoft enlists Bing to enhance Windows 8.1 apps (Computerworld), 2013-06-27.
Hortonworks previews a Hadoop of the future (InfoWorld), 2013-06-27.
Microsoft's Visual Studio update addresses the connected app (Network World), 2013-06-26.
The TAO of Facebook data management (Computerworld), 2013-06-26.
Rackspace supercharges MongoDB cloud service (InfoWorld), 2013-06-24.
Software AG angles its messaging platform for Big Data conveyance (Computerworld), 2013-06-24.
After closing arguments, Apple's fate in e-book antitrust case goes to judge (Computerworld), 2013-06-21.
Steve Jobs' draft email plays pivotal role in antitrust case (CIO), 2013-06-18.
How Apple shook up the electronic book market (Computerworld), 2013-06-18.
China trounces US in TOP500 supercomputer race (Computerworld), 2013-06-17.
Apple's Eddy Cue offers short answers in e-book antitrust trial (PC World), 2013-06-14.
IBM remolds DB2 10.5 as a Hadoop killer (Computerworld), 2013-06-14.
HP launches Cloud OS for Moonshot and other HP systems (Network World), 2013-06-12.
HP aims to shrink big data (Computerworld), 2013-06-12.
Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS goes live (InfoWorld), 2013-06-10.
TechEd crystalizes Microsoft's BYOD management strategy (Computerworld), 2013-06-07.
Windows Server 2012 R2 bulks up on storage and networking (Network World), 2013-06-06.
SQL Server 2014 hastens transaction processing (Computerworld), 2013-06-05.
Microsoft Tackles Agile Backlash with Team Foundation Update (CIO), 2013-06-04.
Compuware-APM (Computerworld), 2013-06-04.
TechEd: Microsoft preps system software for cloud usage (Network World), 2013-06-03.
At TechEd, Microsoft focuses IT pros on the Cloud OS (Computerworld), 2013-06-03.

May 2013:

HP updates tools and services for app modernization (Computerworld), 2013-05-29.
DOJ indicts Liberty Reserve for $6B in money laundering (Computerworld), 2013-05-28.
Dell Foglight update shines on transactions (Computerworld), 2013-05-28.
Puppet gets a more expressive configuration language (Network World), 2013-05-25.
IBM preps SmartCloud for real-time analytics (Computerworld), 2013-05-23.
Planview Overhauls the Look of its Portfolio Management Software (CIO), 2013-05-21.
Atlassian gives Jira a makeover (Computerworld), 2013-05-21.
IBM launches Watson customer service smart bot (Computerworld), 2013-05-21.
VMware launches network-savvy cloud service (Network World), 2013-05-21.
Tibco Offers Free R to the Enterprise (CIO), 2013-05-17.
Google eases Android app development with a new IDE (PC World), 2013-05-16.
HP updates IT automation suite for cloud deployments (Computerworld), 2013-05-14.
Rackspace to help customers debug their programs (InfoWorld), 2013-05-14.
Microsoft rushes Explorer 8 patch release (Computerworld), 2013-05-14.
Google makes Go faster (Computerworld), 2013-05-14.
HP Q&A: Converged Cloud is company's chief initiative (CIO), 2013-05-10.
Facebook to design an open source switch (Network World), 2013-05-09.
VMware: Faster App Provisioning Makes SDN a Keeper (CIO), 2013-05-08.
Mozilla, Otoy team on JavaScript video codec (InfoWorld), 2013-05-07.
Dell boosts cloud portfolio with Enstratius buy (Computerworld), 2013-05-07.
Cray offers a more modest supercomputer for the enterprise (Network World), 2013-05-07.

April 2013:

Novell offers mobile file sharing for the enterprise (InfoWorld), 2013-04-30.
10gen expands MongoDB with storage service (PC World), 2013-04-30.
IBM launches an appliance for the Internet of Things (Network World), 2013-04-30.
ODCA: Virtual machines inching to portability (Network World), 2013-04-26.
The Internet of Things gets a protocol -- it's called MQTT (Computerworld), 2013-04-26.
Joomla finally gets built-in tagging (Network World), 2013-04-26.
Pivotal launched from VMware, EMC technologies (Network World), 2013-04-24.
MuleSoft catches the API fever, buys ProgrammableWeb (PC World), 2013-04-23.
IBM snatches up UrbanCode for DevOps prowess (Computerworld), 2013-04-22.
CA Technologies buys Layer 7 for API smarts (Computerworld), 2013-04-22.
IBM's revenue deflated in 2013's first quarter (Computerworld), 2013-04-18.
Intel acquires Mashery for planned services suite (Computerworld), 2013-04-17.
Microsoft moves to optional two-factor authentication (Computerworld), 2013-04-17.
Red Hat, Hortonworks prep OpenStack for Hadoop (Network World), 2013-04-17.
Red Hat releases community OpenStack distribution (Computerworld), 2013-04-16.
Citrix bequeaths Xen to the Linux Foundation (Network World), 2013-04-15.
Rackspace to offer OpenStack deployments for service providers (Network World), 2013-04-15.
IBM bets $1 billion on Flash storage (TechWorld), 2013-04-12.
CA Technologies sues AppDynamics for patent pilfering (Computerworld), 2013-04-11.
Microsoft's April Patch Tuesday brings no Pwn2Own fix (Computerworld), 2013-04-10.
Red Hat JBoss Data Grid now spans data centers (InfoWorld), 2013-04-10.
Novell plots return (Network World), 2013-04-09.
Oracle expands data sources for business intelligence software (Computerworld), 2013-04-08.

March 2013:

Apache helps free CloudStack from Citrix fetters (Network World), 2013-03-23.
Tableau Applies Business Intelligence to Cloud Data (CIO), 2013-03-21.
IBM moves toward post-silicon transistor (IT World), 2013-03-21.
Citrix outfits NetScaler with troubleshooting tools (Network World), 2013-03-20.
MongoDB refines load balancing (Network World), 2013-03-19.
Google BigQuery update aims for enticing Hadoop users (InfoWorld), 2013-03-15.
Microsoft's latest patches squash potential USB hijack (Computerworld), 2013-03-14.
Red Hat rolls FuseSource middleware into JBoss stack (InfoWorld), 2013-03-14.
IBM launches a customer experience practice (IT World), 2013-03-14.
Oracle acquires Nimbula for hybrid cloud software (Network World), 2013-03-13.
NIST, Stanford team to rescue early Tetris from digital oblivion (Computerworld), 2013-03-08.
FoundationDB aims to consolidate NoSQL (Computerworld), 2013-03-06.
Microsoft equips Visual Studio for Office app-building (Computerworld), 2013-03-03.
Oracle ports DTrace to Oracle Linux (Computerworld), 2013-03-01.

February 2013:

UEFI president: We need more key providers (Network World), 2013-02-28.
Engine Yard revamps user interface | ITworld (IT World), 2013-02-26.
IBM offers partners marketing analysis and mobile help (CIO), 2013-02-26.
Hortonworks brings Hadoop to Windows (Computerworld), 2013-02-25.
VMware bundles apps into BYOD management suite (Network World), 2013-02-22.
Canon introduces augmented reality headsets for product design (CIO), 2013-02-21.
Oracle updates NetBeans for HTML5 (InfoWorld), 2013-02-21.
Oracle sale of Lustre welcomed by HPC users (InfoWorld), 2013-02-20.
Linaro extends Linux ARM to networking gear (Network World), 2013-02-20.'s Heroku Responds to Scalability Complaint (CIO), 2013-02-19.
Opera moves to the WebKit rendering engine (InfoWorld), 2013-02-13.
Microsoft monthly patches touch Exchange, Windows, Explorer (Computerworld), 2013-02-13.
Linux Foundation releases secure boot loader (Computerworld), 2013-02-12.
LibreOffice 4.0 Speaks Content Management (CIO), 2013-02-08.
Google offers tips on reducing web system latency (IT World), 2013-02-08.
Federal Reserve confirms its system was breached (Computerworld), 2013-02-06.
MySQL 5.6 tackles NoSQL competitors (Computerworld), 2013-02-05.
Opscode Chef gets a hand from Facebook (CIO), 2013-02-05.
IBM bulks up analysis muscle with Star Analytics buy (Computerworld), 2013-02-05.
HP's new ALM service puts sticky notes in the cloud (PC Advisor), 2013-02-05.
Cyberwarfare now menacing the enterprise, Kaspersky Lab says (Computerworld), 2013-02-01.

January 2013:

Microsoft embraces open-source Git for development tools (Computerworld), 2013-01-30.
Key Linux contributor Alan Cox steps down (Network World), 2013-01-24.
IBM boosts full-year profit despite lower revenue (Computerworld), 2013-01-23.
Red Hat folds ManageIQ purchase into cloud control stack (Network World), 2013-01-23.
VMware takes a $30 million interest in Puppet (InfoWorld), 2013-01-23.
Symantec streamlines software lines (Network World), 2013-01-23.
Hortonworks releases a Hadoop sandbox (InfoWorld), 2013-01-22.
VoltDB expands into Web operations (IT World), 2013-01-22.
Longtime VMware CTO Steve Herrod steps down (IT World), 2013-01-16.
Microsoft System Center further fuses Azure with on-premises assets (Computerworld), 2013-01-15.
HP launches converged cloud business unit (Computerworld), 2013-01-15.
Oracle Launches Line of On-premise Iaas Systems (CIO), 2013-01-15.
HP launches converged cloud business unit (Computerworld), 2013-01-14.
IBM now top patent producer 20 years running (Computerworld), 2013-01-10.
Google offers free neighborhood Wi-Fi in NYC Chelsea district (Computerworld), 2013-01-08.
C variants rule programming language roost (PC Advisor), 2013-01-07.
Canonical prepares Ubuntu for smartphones (Computerworld), 2013-01-03.
Cassandra 1.2 geared to fat servers (Computerworld), 2013-01-03.