Stories, articles, and blog entries I've written, in reverse chronological order (Note: Links may become outdated over time):

December 2011:

Naval researchers pioneer TCP-based spam detection (Network World), 2011-12-23.
LinkedIn open sources search engine (InfoWorld), 2011-12-22.
Nuance to Acquire Mobile Speech Software Provider Vlingo (CIO), 2011-12-21.
Adobe Moves Into Tablet and Cloud Markets (CIO), 2011-12-20.
Red Hat Q3 revenue growth driven by subscriptions (Computerworld), 2011-12-20.
MIT to Open Source Educational Software (PC World), 2011-12-19.
Dell pulls back from netbook market (TechWorld), 2011-12-17.
Quest extends Unix Sudo tool (Reseller News), 2011-12-16.
Microsoft-Novell antitrust case ends in hung jury (Computerworld), 2011-12-16.
Novell Lawsuit Against Microsoft Goes to Jury (PC World), 2011-12-15.
Siemens Ex-Execs Charged with Stunning $100m Bribe Scheme (CFOworld), 2011-12-13.
Microsoft Azure hosts Hadoop, other open-source apps (Network World), 2011-12-12.
Microsoft Azure now hosts Hadoop, other open source apps (InfoWorld), 2011-12-12.
Usenix: Google deploys IPv6 for internal network (Computerworld), 2011-12-09.
Facebook releases a PHP just-in-time compiler (Computerworld), 2011-12-09.
Usenix: Dartmouth updating diff, grep Unix tools (Computerworld), 2011-12-08.
Hudson spinoff Jenkins gets commercial backing (Network World), 2011-12-08.
Red Hat RHEL 6.2 boosts storage capabilities (Network World), 2011-12-05.

November 2011:

HP pairs Autonomy and Vertica software (Computerworld), 2011-11-29.
Digital Photo Retouching Quantified in New Metric (CIO), 2011-11-29.
How devops can help speed application development (InfoWorld), 2011-11-29.
Gates to testify in Novell suit (Network World), 2011-11-21.
Apache moves Geronimo to OSGi base (InfoWorld), 2011-11-17.
Adobe donates Flex to Apache (InfoWorld), 2011-11-16.
Red Hat adds app lifecycle tools to PaaS preview (InfoWorld), 2011-11-15.
Citrix Exposes APIs for Its Collaborative Software (InfoWorld), 2011-11-10.
Oracle Solaris goes to 11 (Computerworld), 2011-11-10.
DOJ Charges Seven in Massive Clickjacking Scheme (PC World), 2011-11-09.
Former IBM CEO John Opel Dies (PC World), 2011-11-07.
Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Tablet (PC World), 2011-11-07.
IBM open sources messaging client for embedded devices (Network World), 2011-11-03.
Virtualization vs. Native apps (Network World), 2011-11-03.
Adobe Flash vs. HTML5 (Network World), 2011-11-02.
AOL discontinues LISTSERV mailing list service (Computerworld), 2011-11-02.
HTML5 WebSocket to speed Web apps (InfoWorld), 2011-11-01.
Yahoo spinoff unveils Hadoop data analysis system (), 2011-11-01.

October 2011:

Canonical to expand Ubuntu for smartphones, tablets (Network World), 2011-10-31.
Opera CTO: Kill the browser scroll bar (PC World Aus), 2011-10-28.
Facebook data center project takes aim at vendor lock-in (IT World), 2011-10-27.
Black Duck refines its code search engine (InfoWorld), 2011-10-26.
Dell Boomi Gets a Business Rules Engine (CIO), 2011-10-25.
Linux 3.1 adds support for OpenRISC, nested virtualization (InfoWorld), 2011-10-24.
Oracle launches NoSQL database (Computerworld), 2011-10-24.
Microsoft quarter shows continued growth (Computerworld), 2011-10-20. (Computerworld), 2011-10-19.
Apache Cassandra NoSQL database ready for enterprise (Computerworld), 2011-10-19.
IBM's third-quarter growth lighter than expected (Computerworld), 2011-10-18.
SGI launches Cloudera Hadoop BI clusters (Computerworld), 2011-10-18.
ICANN takes charge of Internet time zone master list (Network World), 2011-10-17.
Microsoft Intune update addresses remote users (Network World), 2011-10-17.
Apache asserts OpenOffice stewardship (InfoWorld), 2011-10-14.
Adobe Embraces Touch With Six New Apps (PC World), 2011-10-04.
IBM buys security intelligence minded Q1 Labs (Network World), 2011-10-04.
Adobe launches cloud services for content creators (Computerworld), 2011-10-03.
Coverity shows developer work within HP lifecycle suite (InfoWorld), 2011-10-03.

September 2011:

Percona curbs MySQL memory hunger (Network World), 2011-09-30.
Oracle rigs MySQL for NoSQL-like access (Computerworld), 2011-09-30.
Twitter Analysis Reveals Global Human Moodiness (PC World), 2011-09-29. (Computerworld), 2011-09-28.
IBM Launches City Parking Analytics System (CIO), 2011-09-28.
OpenStack gets a new GUI (Computerworld), 2011-09-22.
Red Hat vs. VMware: The virtualization path less traveled (InfoWorld), 2011-09-13.
IBM Expands Finance Options for SMBs (PC World), 2011-09-08.
Microsoft to equip Windows 8 with virtualization hosting (Computerworld), 2011-09-08.
HP launches cloud service beta (Computerworld), 2011-09-07.
Oracle adds new installer, failover to Windows MySQL (InfoWorld), 2011-09-06.
NSA extends label-based security to big data stores (Computerworld), 2011-09-06.
Delphi, C++ to Goose Desktop Apps (PC World), 2011-09-02.

Aug 2011:

NoSQL offers scalability, flexibility, speed (Computerworld), 2011-08-25.
Citrix personalizes, extends virtual desktops (Network World), 2011-08-24.
NewSQL could combine the best of SQL and NoSQL (Computerworld), 2011-08-24.
VMware launches a developer edition for cloud service (Network World), 2011-08-24.
Eucalyptus gets high-availability protection (Network World), 2011-08-24.
Oracle quadruples capacity of virtualization software (InfoWorld), 2011-08-23.
HP plans PC spinoff, $10B Autonomy buy (Computerworld), 2011-08-18.
HP to acquire info management software firm Autonomy (Computerworld), 2011-08-18.
AES proved vulnerable by Microsoft researchers (Network World), 2011-08-18.
NYC Developers to Hack New Photo Apps (PC World), 2011-08-17.
Red Hat RHEV freed from Windows fetters (Network World), 2011-08-17.
W3C offers two new platforms for developing Web standards (InfoWorld), 2011-08-16.
Survey: Millennials OK with fixing their own gear (Network World), 2011-08-15.
How Linux mastered Wall Street (Computerworld), 2011-08-15.
HP Offers Integrated Management for IT Services (Network World), 2011-08-12.
Citrix buys VDI personalization vendor (Computerworld), 2011-08-10.
CalTech, UCSD bring photonics to silicon (Network World), 2011-08-08.
IBM, NCSA abandon petascale supercomputer project (Computerworld), 2011-08-08.
Twitter to open source streaming data analyzer (Network World), 2011-08-05.
Java 8 gears up for the cloud (InfoWorld), 2011-08-05.
Microsoft Debuts Software for Homebrew Gadget Builds (PC World), 2011-08-04.
Dell unveils bundled Hadoop servers (Computerworld), 2011-08-04.
Metasploit 4.0 sets the stage for mass penetration testing (InfoWorld), 2011-08-03.
Microsoft MDOP now controls BitLocker (Network World), 2011-08-02.
Adobe launches HTML5 rich media editor (InfoWorld), 2011-08-01.

July 2011:

CouchBase, SQLite launch unified NoSQL query language (InfoWorld), 2011-07-29.
Oracle releases Java SE 7 (InfoWorld), 2011-07-28.
IBM Boosts Services Arm with Research Help (CIO), 2011-07-28.
CA Equips Management Tools for Cloud Oversight (CIO), 2011-07-27.
Dell debuts cloud-ready system (Network World), 2011-07-26.
DotNetNuke gets fresh user interface (InfoWorld), 2011-07-26.
Microsoft extends SUSE Linux partnership (Computerworld), 2011-07-25.
Linux 3.0 a steady step forward (Computerworld), 2011-07-22.
Microsoft records banner sales year (Computerworld), 2011-07-22.
IBM speeds storage with flash: 10B files in 43 minutes (Computerworld), 2011-07-22.
Wolfram Makes Data Interactive (PC World), 2011-07-21.
SUSE virtual appliances prepped for the mainframe (Computerworld), 2011-07-21.
HP ALM does the Kanban (Network World), 2011-07-21.
Joomla expands beyond content management (InfoWorld), 2011-07-20.
IBM revenues driven by software, systems (Computerworld), 2011-07-19.
IBM Unifies Marketing, Online Analytics Software (PC World), 2011-07-14.
IBM bequeaths Symphony code to Apache (Computerworld), 2011-07-14.
Researchers: Search engines supplanting our memory (Computerworld), 2011-07-14.
Microsoft COO Turner bashes competitors in WPC keynote (Computerworld), 2011-07-13.
Citrix moves into the cloud with purchase (Network World), 2011-07-12.
Red Hat speeds JBoss 7 to market (Network World), 2011-07-12.
VMware to launch cloud infrastructure suite (Network World), 2011-07-12.
W3C chastises Apple on HTML5 patenting (Computerworld), 2011-07-11.
Ballmer: Windows Phone 7 Not Successful Yet (PC World), 2011-07-11.
Microsoft expands Intune services (Network World), 2011-07-11.
OpenText adds personnel directories to BPM suite (InfoWorld), 2011-07-11.
Oracle ships Java 7 RC (InfoWorld), 2011-07-07.
Oracle virtual desktops opened to iPad access (Network World), 2011-07-06.
IETF mulls IPv6 for home networking (Network World), 2011-07-06.
Apache streamlines Lucene, Solr (InfoWorld), 2011-07-01.

June 2011:

Microsoft Discontinues Hohm Energy Monitoring Service (PC World), 2011-06-30.
Researchers propose skinning bridges for fault detection (Network World), 2011-06-29.
Cloudera outfits Hadoop with management tools (InfoWorld), 2011-06-29.
Microsoft aims Office 365 at small businesses (Computerworld), 2011-06-28.
Red Hat preps real-time messaging stack for the cloud (Network World), 2011-06-24.
Cerf: Streaming network crunch could be eliminated (Computerworld), 2011-06-23.
PlanetLab creates a more advanced sudo (Network World), 2011-06-22.
Pentaho courts business users with new UI (Computerworld), 2011-06-22.
HP's Vertica adds developer-level access (InfoWorld), 2011-06-20.
Cloud storage providers need sharper billing metrics (Computerworld), 2011-06-17.
'Dead media' never really die (Network World), 2011-06-16.
MapReduce could be the server's newest friend (InfoWorld), 2011-06-16.
Cloud economics favor the small workload (Network World), 2011-06-15.
Using Enterprise Data to Fuel New Business Ideas (CIO), 2011-06-14.
Nuance Talks to the Social Networks (PC World), 2011-06-14.
Sprint launches new Tegra 2 Android phone (CIO), 2011-06-09.
IBM pioneers graphene-based integrated circuits (Computerworld), 2011-06-09.
MongoDB competes on speed and flexibility (Computerworld), 2011-06-08.
W3C finalizes CSS 2.1 (InfoWorld), 2011-06-07.
Microsoft Windows 8 demos spur developer worry (InfoWorld), 2011-06-07.
IBM launches city government software platform (Computerworld), 2011-06-06.
Precise virtualizes application monitoring (Network World), 2011-06-03.
Caltech researchers scale up DNA computing (Computerworld), 2011-06-03.
Google releases video chat source code (Network World), 2011-06-01.
HP launches IT Executive Scorecard software (Network World), 2011-06-01.

May 2011:

Jobs to keynote Apple WWDC, introduce iCloud (PC Advisor), 2011-05-31.
Google: Mobile map search surging past desktop use (Computerworld), 2011-05-25.
Apache focuses on unified cloud standard (InfoWorld), 2011-05-25.
IBM to invest $100 million for big-data analysis research (Computerworld), 2011-05-24.
Aternity app monitor now covers Web 2.0 apps (Network World), 2011-05-24.
Cray debuts GPU-augmented supercomputers (Computerworld), 2011-05-24.
Windows debugging made easy (Network World), 2011-05-20.
Microsoft to expand AppFabric toolset (Network World), 2011-05-19.
Oracle frees JRockit JVM (Computerworld), 2011-05-19.
Microsoft, SAP team to ease cloud deployments (Computerworld), 2011-05-18.
Microsoft updating .Net for easy concurrency (Computerworld), 2011-05-17.
Microsoft Exchange 2010 balanced by Kemp (Network World), 2011-05-16.
Microsoft details cloud ops (Computerworld), 2011-05-16.
VMware debuts sign-on service for cloud applications (Network World), 2011-05-16.
NetApp offers Microsoft cloud blueprint (Network World), 2011-05-16.
Usenix researchers tackle building a more resourceful cloud (InfoWorld), 2011-05-15.
Microsoft to talk cloud at Tech Ed (Computerworld), 2011-05-13.
DOJ ruling against Microsoft impacted browsers little (Computerworld), 2011-05-12.
Ubuntu Switches Cloud Software (PC World), 2011-05-11.
U.S. launches wireless public safety network (Computerworld), 2011-05-10.
Google launches discovery service for its APIs (Computerworld), 2011-05-09.
Oracle starts work on MySQL 5.6 (InfoWorld), 2011-05-06.
Panel: the Cloud Requires Fresh IT Skill (CIO), 2011-05-05.
New JQuery Boosts Web Site Speeds (PC World), 2011-05-03.
Red Hat to preview Java caching technology (Network World), 2011-05-03.
Couchbase offers NoSQL for iPhone (InfoWorld), 2011-05-02.
April 2011:

Yahoo's Hadoop spin-off could propel software's growth (Computerworld), 2011-04-28.
Microsoft quarter rescued by Office, Xbox sales (Computerworld), 2011-04-28.
Microsoft app analyzes busy schedules (InfoWorld), 2011-04-27.
Oracle hedging its vulnerability reports? (Network World), 2011-04-27.
Dell Boomi connects the cloud to the enterprise (Computerworld), 2011-04-26.
Another Windows 8 pre-beta surfaces (Network World), 2011-04-25.
IBM Tailors BPM for Small Business (CIO), 2011-04-22.
Microsoft Ties Embedded Computing to the Cloud (CIO), 2011-04-21.
Ubuntu Server geared for future clouds (Network World), 2011-04-21.
New version of NetBeans IDE offers Java 7 (InfoWorld), 2011-04-20.
Fedora dons the new Gnome (Computerworld), 2011-04-20.
Oracle eases Coherence use (Network World), 2011-04-18.
Red Hat's Java cache move sparks standards spat (InfoWorld), 2011-04-14.
Microsoft launches cert program for Exchange mobile access (Network World), 2011-04-13.
Apache Camel gets a GUI (Network World), 2011-04-12.
Cloudera expands Hadoop data processing ecosystem (InfoWorld), 2011-04-11.
BMC supercharges IBM DB2 for mainframes (Network World), 2011-04-08.
New GNOME cuts the clutter (Network World), 2011-04-07.
IBM to launch Websphere 8 in June (InfoWorld), 2011-04-07.
CA Technologies acquires government consulting firm (Network World), 2011-04-06.
Microsoft appoints new marketing chief (Computerworld), 2011-04-06.
Linux development to get high availability push (InfoWorld), 2011-04-06.
Microsoft researchers: NoSQL needs standardization (Network World), 2011-04-05.
Microsoft Windows troubleshooter goes remote (Network World), 2011-04-05.
IBM: Watson Could Boost Confidence of Financial Industry (CIO), 2011-04-04.
March 2011:

Hadoop Hive gets production polish (InfoWorld), 2011-03-30.
Microsoft head marketer to step down (Computerworld), 2011-03-30.
Savvier job scheduling with Platform, Terracotta updates (Network World), 2011-03-29.
ISO finalizes C++ update (Network World), 2011-03-28.
Citigroup Spinoff Draws Recommendations From Transactions (CIO), 2011-03-25.
MySQL gets live schema updating with Tokutek engine (InfoWorld), 2011-03-24.
IBM Streamlines Services Offering (CIO), 2011-03-24.
Hadoop and Cassandra to merge in DataStax distro (Network World), 2011-03-24.
Microsoft Intune goes live (Network World), 2011-03-23.
NPR deploys Splunk for Web analytics (Network World), 2011-03-23.
IBM to Acquire Facilities Management Software Company (CIO), 2011-03-21.
Firefox 4.0 makes early appearance (Network World), 2011-03-21.
Japanese Quake May Shorten Days (PC World), 2011-03-17.
Internet databases MongoDB, Drizzle upgraded (Network World), 2011-03-17.
New Linux kernel gets a speed boost (InfoWorld), 2011-03-16.
Google brings video format to IE9 (InfoWorld), 2011-03-15.
Opera releases Web page debugger (Computerworld), 2011-03-15.
Oracle releases Java mobile development framework (InfoWorld), 2011-03-14.
IBM Launches E-Commerce Practice (CIO), 2011-03-14.
Mozilla releases Firefox 4.0 release candidate (Computerworld), 2011-03-11. (Computerworld), 2011-03-10.
Red Hat virtualizes data with new JBoss ESB (InfoWorld), 2011-03-09.
JP unifies software support services (Network World), 2011-03-08.
OpenText acquires mobile development vendor WeComm (InfoWorld), 2011-03-08.
Oracle Mobilizes Inventory Management (CIO), 2011-03-07.
February 2011:

HP broadens scope of project management software (Network World), 2011-02-28.
Publishers Slowly Warm to Library E-lending (PC World), 2011-02-23.
Music Execs Stressed Over Free Streaming (PC World), 2011-02-23.
Apache makes CMS interoperability a top priority (InfoWorld), 2011-02-23.
Microsoft offers free Azure trial (Network World), 2011-02-22.
Novell preps Suse Linux Enterprise Server for SAP (InfoWorld), 2011-02-22.
New anti-laser tech paves way for optical computing (Computerworld), 2011-02-19.
Terracotta adds search to cached databases (InfoWorld), 2011-02-17.
IBM Watson computer beats human Jeopardy opponents (TechWorld), 2011-02-17.
Zynga's Secret to Success: Connecting Casual Friends (CIO), 2011-02-15.
IBM sweetens the pot for partners (Network World), 2011-02-15.
W3C announces that HTML5 will be finished in 2014 (InfoWorld), 2011-02-14.
Kognitio to offer virtual data cube analytics (InfoWorld), 2011-02-14.
Google extensions could aid Java security (Network World), 2011-02-11.
Microsoft names Nadella as new server and tools president (Computerworld), 2011-02-08.
No electronic bugs behind Toyota sticky pedals (Network World), 2011-02-08.
MPAA sues Hotfile file sharing service (Network World), 2011-02-08.
Quest adds replication to VMware backup tool (Network World), 2011-02-08.
VMware preps link between public, private clouds (InfoWorld), 2011-02-08.
U.S. commissions beefy IBM supercomputer (Computerworld), 2011-02-08.
Oracle offers file management package for cloud (Network World), 2011-02-07.
Microsoft previews Windows Small Business Server 2011 (Computerworld), 2011-02-05.
ShmooCon: Eavesdropping easy on Evite (Network World), 2011-02-03.
Oracle drafts OpenJDK bylaws (Network World), 2011-02-03.
Dell releases Ubuntu-powered cloud servers (Network World), 2011-02-01.

January 2011:

IBM unveils social networking connector (Computerworld), 2011-01-31.
IBM to offer cloud office suite (Computerworld), 2011-01-31.
Radical Redesign Urged for Future Computers (PC World), 2011-01-29.
Microsoft reports record second-quarter revenue (InfoWorld), 2011-01-27.
Oracle to release finance data warehouse (InfoWorld), 2011-01-27.
CA acquires Australian telecom consultancy (Network World), 2011-01-26.
CS pioneer Knuth releases long-awaited textbook (Network World), 2011-01-26.
NYC Installs Virtual Suggestion Box (CIO), 2011-01-25.
HP set to launch enterprise cloud service (Computerworld), 2011-01-25.
Forrester: Oracle confining Java future to enterprise use (Network World), 2011-01-24.
IBM rolls out virtual desktop offering (Network World), 2011-01-24.
Cobol Comes to the Cloud (CIO), 2011-01-20.
Non-profits seek inquiry into Microsoft-Novell deal (Computerworld), 2011-01-20.
HTML versioning eliminated (InfoWorld), 2011-01-20.
RightNow acquires natural language search firm Q-Go (Computerworld), 2011-01-19.
Criminal charges filed against AT&T iPad attackers (Computerworld), 2011-01-18.
Tomcat 7 finalized (InfoWorld), 2011-01-14.
Science: Ugly fonts aid content memorization (IT World), 2011-01-14.
New Cassandra comes with big data support (InfoWorld), 2011-01-14.
New Mule refines cloud deployments (Network World), 2011-01-13.
MIT pioneers ad hoc network-bottleneck breaker (Network World), 2011-01-13.
Microsoft to release WebMatrix dev software (Computerworld), 2011-01-12.
Jaspersoft rearchitects BI stack for the Web (InfoWorld), 2011-01-11.
Microsoft reengineering Dynamics CRM (Network World), 2011-01-10.
Joomla reorganized, modernized (PC World), 2011-01-10.
IBM DeveloperWorks site defaced (Computerworld), 2011-01-10.
Microsoft's Muglia to step down (Computerworld), 2011-01-10.
Microsoft must get ISVs onto ARM bandwagon (Computerworld), 2011-01-06.
Apache to steward NASA built middleware (Network World), 2011-01-06.
New Linux Kernel Strengthens SMP Support (PC World), 2011-01-05.
PHP floating point bug crashes servers (IT World), 2011-01-05.
IBM's Jeopardy strategy: Divide and conquer (Network World), 2011-01-05.
New JBoss puts Java EE to Work (Network World), 2011-01-03.