Stories, articles, and blog entries I've written, in reverse chronological order (Note: Links may become outdated over time):

December 2010:

Enterprise apps find a space on consumer devices (Computerworld), 2010-12-29.
Mozilla site exposed encrypted passwords (Computerworld), 2010-12-28.
IBM resource software governs Mexican securities trading (Computerworld), 2010-12-23.
Software said to match quantum computing speed (Computerworld), 2010-12-23.
Microsoft set to unveil Windows version for tablets, reports say (Computerworld), 2010-12-22.
How the New York Times covered the election with Amazon (Network World), 2010-12-21.
Adobe hits $1B in quarterly revenue for first time (Computerworld), 2010-12-20.
Verizon launches IPv6 transition services (InfoWorld), 2010-12-20.
Spintronic memory gets a breakthrough (Computerworld), 2010-12-20.
Microsoft's Dryad technology to take on Google's MapReduce (Computerworld), 2010-12-20.
Google debuts text analysis tools (Computerworld), 2010-12-17.
W3C establishes mobile app etiquette for developers (InfoWorld), 2010-12-16.
Oracle angles MySQL for Web apps (Computerworld), 2010-12-15.
Red Hat buddies up in the cloud with Eucalyptus (InfoWorld), 2010-12-14.
London Tries Microsoft Azure for Hosting Data Feeds (CIO), 2010-12-14.
Microsoft may preview Windows 8 at CES (Computerworld), 2010-12-14.
Oracle burnishes its Lustre (Network World), 2010-12-13.
IBM to build 3 petaflop supercomputer for Germany (Computerworld), 2010-12-13.
IBM adds assessment tools to data center services (InfoWorld), 2010-12-10.
Core expands into network vulnerability (Network World), 2010-12-09.
Apache resigns from Java community (Network World), 2010-12-09.
Python 3.2 eases concurrent development (Network World), 2010-12-08.
Informatica debuts pay-as-you-go integration (Network World), 2010-12-07.
MIT: Light speed now a bottleneck in fastest networks (Network World), 2010-12-06.
Microsoft quietly invests in IBM emulator TurboHercules (Network World), 2010-12-01.
Free Software Foundation's software repository hacked (Computerworld), 2010-12-01.
Cisco to acquire LineSider for cloud tech (Network World), 2010-12-01.
Linux kernel shows growing mobile influence (InfoWorld), 2010-12-01.

November 2010:

Red Hat acquires Makara (Network World), 2010-11-30.
HP fuses dev management and testing tools (Network World), 2010-11-30.
Inside the Labs At Microsoft, HP and IBM (CIO), 2010-11-29.
Ticketmaster Unfazed By Odd Band Names (CIO), 2010-11-29.
Microsoft pioneers tactile display technology (Computerworld), 2010-11-28.
Google Wave may become an Apache project (Computerworld), 2010-11-24.
Attachmate to retain Novell Unix copyrights (Computerworld), 2010-11-24.
Microsoft Nabs OpenStreetMap Founder (PC World), 2010-11-24.
Open-source social network Diaspora goes live (Computerworld), 2010-11-23.
Acer previews Android-, Windows-based tablets (Computerworld), 2010-11-23.
Attachmate to feast on Novell technologies (InfoWorld), 2010-11-22.
Microsoft purchasing 882 Novell patents (Network World), 2010-11-22.
Intel: 1,000-core processor possible (IT World), 2010-11-19.
IBM tops Green500 list (Computerworld), 2010-11-18.
Supercomputing Top500 brews discontent (Network World), 2010-11-18.
Nvidia chief scientist: CPUs slowed by legacy design (Network World), 2010-11-17.
Voltaire ups ante in InfiniBand-Ethernet duel (Network World), 2010-11-15.
Oracle responds to Apache Java defiance (Network World), 2010-11-15.
TV Execs: Social Media Influence Still Anecdotal (PC World), 2010-11-11.
Google releases open source data cleanser (InfoWorld), 2010-11-11.
Red Hat releases RHEL 6 (Network World), 2010-11-10.
Sybase IQ updated for parallel processing (InfoWorld), 2010-11-10.
Apache declares war on Oracle over Java (Network World), 2010-11-09.
Oracle expands systems management suite (InfoWorld), 2010-11-09.
Microsoft fills out Hyper-V cloud ecosystem (Network World), 2010-11-08.
Microsoft releases F# under open source license (InfoWorld), 2010-11-05.
How Default App Installs Can Compromise Apache (PC World), 2010-11-05.
Johns Hopkins building data analysis supercomputer (Computerworld), 2010-11-03.
Oracle revs up cloud API (Network World), 2010-11-03.
Microsoft clarifies Silverlight role (Computerworld), 2010-11-01.
Informatica teams with Cloudera to ease Hadoop use (InfoWorld), 2010-11-01.

October 2010:

ASCII crimps program development, coder says (Computerworld), 2010-10-29.
Microsoft Q1 results boosted by Windows, Xbox, Office (Computerworld), 2010-10-28.
Wi-Fi won't kill the office LAN ... yet (Network World), 2010-10-28.
VMware's Private Cloud Computing Vision (CIO), 2010-10-27.
Microsoft's PowerPivot: Five Things You Need to Know (CIO), 2010-10-27.
Chip giants investigate more power efficient chip design (Network World), 2010-10-27.
Microsoft Server 2008 gets virtualization boost (Network World), 2010-10-26.
IBM updates Maximo for iPhone, Android access (Network World), 2010-10-25.
Canonical Ubuntu splits from GNOME over design issues (Computerworld), 2010-10-25.
W3C updates HTML5, makes math easy (Computerworld), 2010-10-22.
Amazon to Allow Book Lending on the Kindle (PC World), 2010-10-22.
VMware angles Spring as premier Java development tool (InfoWorld), 2010-10-21.
Microsoft signs cloud deals with California, New York City (Network World), 2010-10-20.
Apache revs Maven for greater speed and extensibility (Network World), 2010-10-20.
Red Hat CEO: Software vendor model is broken (Network World), 2010-10-20.
VMware to offer cloud development environment (InfoWorld), 2010-10-19.
Adobe releases PDF reader 10 with enhanced security (TechWorld), 2010-10-18.
VMware virtualization revenue soars 46 percent in Q3 (InfoWorld), 2010-10-18.
AMD server CTO: Core wars will subside (Computerworld), 2010-10-15.
Twitter solves its data formatting challenge (Network World), 2010-10-14.
EMC tackles big data with Greenplum appliance (Network World), 2010-10-13.
Hadoop pitched for business intelligence (InfoWorld), 2010-10-12.
Credit Suisse Saves Power with Virtualization (CIO), 2010-10-08.
EBay deploys Joomla for analytics portal (InfoWorld), 2010-10-07.
Microsoft acquires AVIcode to boost .NET management (Network World), 2010-10-06.
IBM adds Notes capabilities to LotusLive (Computerworld), 2010-10-05.
Hitler's downfall mocks your ideals (IT World), 2010-10-05.
BMC tackles capacity oversight with Neptuny buy (Network World), 2010-10-05.
IBM Explores Water Management Market (CIO), 2010-10-04.

September 2010:

Researchers argue for smarter traffic lights (Network World), 2010-10-01.
Lustre file system finds life post-Oracle (InfoWorld), 2010-09-30.
Microsoft Launches Windows Live 11 (CIO), 2010-09-30.
ADP runs new tax service on IBM cloud software (Computerworld), 2010-09-29.
Fedora Linux 14 tests desktop virtualization (InfoWorld), 2010-09-28.
CA Technologies to buy Hyperformix (Computerworld), 2010-09-28.
CodePlex Foundation now called Outercurve (Network World), 2010-09-28.
Google adds OAuth support to Google Apps (Network World), 2010-09-28.
Study finds media is fixated on Apple (Computerworld), 2010-09-27.
Five Things You Need to Know About HTML5 (CIO), 2010-09-23.
Microsoft adds Web embeddable PowerPoint, Excel to hosted Office (Computer World), 2010-09-23.
OAuth 2.0 security used by Facebook, others called weak (Network World), 2010-09-22.
SAP Moves an OnDemand Service to Amazon (CIO), 2010-09-21.
Netezza buy further defines IBMs analytics bent (InfoWorld), 2010-09-20.
Oracle MySQL rival PostgreSQL updated (Computer World), 2010-09-20.
SCO puts Unix assets on the block (Computer World), 2010-09-17.
Mule software connects with the cloud (Network World), 2010-09-17.
VMware considering Novell purchase, report says (Computer World), 2010-09-16.
IE9 has Google Chrome on the run (InfoWorld), 2010-09-16.
Adobe adds HTML5 controls to Illustrator (InfoWorld), 2010-09-13.
How Microsoft PowerPivot will disrupt BI (Network World), 2010-09-10.
Cisco, Citrix team on desktop virtualization package (Network World), 2010-09-08.
HTML5 May Help Web Pages Talk, Listen (CIO), 2010-09-07.
IBM Code Unfetters Virtual Workloads (CIO), 2010-09-03.
Linux distributions update for Web flaw (Network World), 2010-09-03.
ActiveState Python honed for databases (InfoWorld), 2010-09-01.
Google: Oracle lacks developer focus (InfoWorld), 2010-09-01.

August 2010:

VMware vCloud Director gets Zenoss monitoring app (InfoWorld), 2010-08-31.
VMware grows cloud stack with two acquisitions (Reseller News), 2010-08-31.
Red Hat board gets military leadership (Network World), 2010-08-30.
Twitter API has new third party sign-on method (Network World), 2010-08-30.
Gartner: Web content management a billion-dollar business (Reuters), 2010-08-27.
Purdue app slows servers when cooling fails (Network World), 2010-08-27.
Eucalyptus strengthens its back end (Network World), 2010-08-25.
Red Hat offers its cloud APIs as industry standard (Network World), 2010-08-25.
Requiem for an OS: OpenSolaris board closes shop (In), 2010-08-24.
Time waits for no one: 'leap seconds' may be cut (Computerworld), 2010-08-23. Slashdot.
Vim editor updated with modern language support (Network World), 2010-08-19.
HTML5 raises new security issues (Network World), 2010-08-20.
Choice domain names pitched as investments (Network World), 2010-08-18.
Web Could Be Stylized By New W3C Font Platform (CIO), 2010-08-17.
Oracle, Amazon offer new ways to run Linux from afar (CW), 2010-08-13.
Microsoft: Windows 7 every bit as secure as Unix (InfoWorld), 2010-08-12.
Linux Foundation offers open source compliance checklist (Network World), 2010-08-10.
HP and Sybase create DIY BI blueprints (InfoWorld), 2010-08-10.
Tire pressure monitor systems could reveal driver location (Computerworld), 2010-08-09, Slashdot.
HP researcher claims to crack compsci complexity conundrum (Network World), 2010-08-09.
Google: 129 Million Different Books Have Been Published (PC World), 2010-08-06.
Speech Recognition Systems Must Get Smarter, Professor Says (New York Times), 2010-08-05.
Microsoft hopes WP 7 speech features surpass Android, iPhone (Computerworld), 2010-08-04.
Visual Studio LightSwitch brings development to business managers (InfoWorld), 2010-08-03.
New Linux kernel borrows Google packet speeding tech (Network World), 2010-08-02.
Amazon, Apple E-book Deals Attract State Antitrust Scrutiny (PC World), 2010-08-02.

July 2010:

As promised, SAP expands open source efforts, execs say (Computerworld), 2010-07-31.
IBM Invests in Infrastructure Sensing and Analysis Tech (PC World), 2010-07-29.
Could open source tools make Facebook the next AOL? (Computerworld), 2010-07-28. Slashdot
Microsoft Hohm Outs Home Energy Hogs (PC World), 2010-07-27.
OpenSSO, neglected by Oracle, gets second life (Network World), 2010-07-26.
Perl creator hints at imminent release of long-awaited Perl 6 (InfoWorld), 2010-07-24.
Google executive frustrated by Java, C++ complexity (InfoWorld), 2010-07-23. Slashdot
Microsoft's Q4 boosted by Office, Windows sales (InfoWorld), 2010-07-23.
Terabyte-sized Java apps now possible (InfoWorld), 2010-07-22.
OSCON: Open source lazy about social Web services (Network World), 2010-07-22.
Canonical launches IBM DB2 database virtual appliance (TechWorld), 2010-07-21.
IBM Invests in Medical Technology (Business Week), 2010-07-15.
Cloud Tools Give Microsoft Partners a Jump-Start (CIO), 2010-07-14.
CouchDB releases NoSQL database that runs on Windows (InfoWorld), 2010-07-14.
Metastorm brings workflow modeling to the cloud (InfoWorld), 2010-07-13.
Windows Phone 7 can be remotely located, wiped (Network World), 2010-07-13.
Muglia offers details on Microsoft Azure Appliance (Computerworld), 2010-07-12.
Microsoft promises partners Windows tablets, phones (Network World), 2010-07-12.
Microsoft releases Azure cloud platform appliance (Network World), 2010-07-12.
Microsoft expands Intune beta to 10,000 more users (Network World), 2010-07-12.
HP breaks in new TPC power usage benchmark (Network World), 2010-07-07.
New Postgres to add the polish (Network World), 2010-07-06.
Unix Active Directory software faster (Network World), 2010-07-02.
IBM to commercialize genome reading (Business Week), 2010-07-01.
Dell gains virtualization muscle with Scalent buy (Network World), 2010-07-01.
Cloudera preps Hadoop for the enterprise (Network World), 2010-07-29.

June 2010:

Microsoft debuts PivotViewer data visualization tool (InfoWorld), 2010-06-30.
Fedora gets new leader (Business Week), 2010-06-30.
Google's YouTube unit prefers Flash over HTML5 (Computerworld), 2010-06-30.
Oracle engineer reveals latency mysteries with heat maps (Network World), 2010-06-28.
Google to use HTML5 in Gmail (Computerworld), 2010-06-25. Slashdot
Red Hat overhauls JBoss portal interface (Network World), 2010-06-24.
ActivePython updated for finance, scientific users (Network World), 2010-06-24. Slashdot
Facebook Engineer: Going Large Requires Thinking Small (CIO), 2010-06-23.
Red Hat launches hybrid cloud platform (Computerworld), 2010-06-23.
Oracle APEX gets Web 2.0 boost (Network World), 2010-06-23.
Study: Financial Enterprises Ready to Invest in IT (Yahoo! News), 2010-06-23.
Quest unveils NoSQL database management tool (Computerworld), 2010-06-23.
IBM courts finance market with new framework (Business Week), 2010-06-22.
Oracle gives BPM a collaboration boost (InfoWorld), 2010-06-18.
WordPress 3.0 blogging software released (Computerworld), 2010-06-17.
Chicago School to Offer Degree in Predicting the Future (CIO), 2010-06-16. Slashdot
Windows, Linux to run on Eucalyptus cloud (Tech World), 2010-06-16.
IBM buys Web analytics software company (InfoWorld), 2010-06-15.
Beware the WordPress white screen of death (ITWorld), 2010-06-15.
VDI provides flexibility, but at a cost (Network World), 2010-06-11.
Microsoft: Browser Speed Not All About JavaScript (PC World), 2010-06-10.
Microsoft hopes Dallas project will become 'iTunes for data' (InfoWorld), 2010-06-10.
Ingres releases multicore-aware database (Reseller News), 2010-06-09.
IBM expands Rational conference (Business Week), 2010-06-07.
Microsoft Emphasizes Hybrid Cloud at TechEd (PC World), 2010-06-07.
Microsoft: Features Still Missing in Azure (CIO), 2010-06-07.
Adobe Viewer First Step to Digital Content Platform (CIO), 2010-06-03.
Yahoo appoints new chief technology officer (Network World), 2010-06-03.
EnterpriseDB serves all-you-can-socket PostGres special (Network World), 2010-06-02.

May 2010:

Dot matrix printers return to make music (Network World), 2010-05-26.
Berners-Lee deconstructs a bag of chips (IT World), 2010-05-26.
Microsoft Researcher Calls for Information Literacy (CIO), 2010-05-26.
IBM, Sybase upgrade analytics capabilities (InfoWorld), 2010-05-25.
Comcast to Debut Social Networking Site for TV Viewers (PC World), 2010-05-24.
Despite green diet, data centers still gobble power (Network World), 2010-05-21.
Google's WebM draws praise, critiques (Network World), 2010-05-20.
IT Should Pay the Power Bill, Reasons EBay Exec (Network World), 2010-05-18.
Virtualization savings in the House (Network World), 2010-05-18.
CodePlex appoints technical director (Network World), 2010-05-18.
CA changes name, again (Business Week), 2010-05-18.
Tibco overhauls software line (InfoWorld), 2010-05-13.
Office, SharePoint 2010 launch brings Microsoft to cloud (Computerworld), 2010-05-12.
Microsoft downplays VDI benefits (Network World), 2010-05-10.
Researchers to cure Blue Pill virtualization attacks (Network World), 2010-05-07.
VMware's SpringSource to buy in-memory vendor GemStone (Business Week), 2010-05-06.
Will 'hella' follow mega, giga and tera? (Network World), 2010-05-05.
Unix: A (somewhat) easy trick to understanding file permission octals (Blog entry), 2010-05-05.
Video search still a tough nut to crack (Computerworld), 2010-05-04.
Novell, Red Hat prevail in user-interface patent case (Network World), 2010-05-03.
Battlefield of Bits and Bytes (UMBC Alumni magazine), 2010-05.
Going Global? Check Your Software for Unicode Characters (CIO), 2010-05.
SharePoint Has Its Limits (CIO), 2010-05.

April 2010:

Twitter: More a News Medium Than Social Network (New York Times online), 2010-04-30.
Google official reaffirms HTML5 readiness (InfoWorld), 2010-04-30.
Researcher: Social Networks Shouldn't Reuse Private Info (New York Times online), 2010-04-30.
W3C Pushes Linking Web Data (PC World), 2010-04-29.
Vendors team on content-sharing spec (InfoWorld), 2010-04-27.
HP updates Network Mode Manager (Network World), 2010-04-26.
Microsoft, Oracle Differ on Cloud Visions (CIO), 2010-04-22.
Microsoft earnings again buoyed by Windows 7 (Computerworld), 2010-04-22.
Microsoft unleashes long-awaited SQL 2008 update (Network World), 2010-04-21.
Red Hat drops Xen from RHEL (Network World), 2010-04-21.
Microsoft Betas PC Management Service (CIO), 2010-04-19.
Canonical to release Ubuntu server update (InfoWorld), 2010-04-19.
OpenSolaris leaders wary of Oracle silence (InfoWorld), 2010-04-15.
HP expands client consulting services (Network World), 2010-04-14.
Google exec worries over 'rudderless' Java (InfoWorld), 2010-04-13.
HP researcher: Power efficiency has a long way to go (Network World), 2010-04-12.
Adobe evangelist tells Apple: 'Go screw yourself' (MacWorld), 2010-04-10.
Adobe's Creative Suite Addresses Changes in Design Workflow (PC World), 2010-04-12.
Java founder James Gosling leaves Oracle (InfoWorld), 2010-04-10.
Adobe Evangelist Tells Apple: 'Go Screw Yourself' (PC World), 2010-04-09.
IBM executive denies open-source sellout (Network World), 2010-04-08.
Oracle extends Hyperion for more financial duties (Network World), 2010-04-08.
Many Managers See Cloud Computing As Risky Business (CIO), 2010-04-07.
Sybase updates mobile app for iPad, Android (Network World), 2010-04-06.
The iPad Makes Demands on Web Developers (CIO), 2010-04-05.
Unix: Getting started with vi (Blog entry), 2010-04-04.
Unix : Redirection basics, part 1 (Blog entry), 2010-04-03.
The human body's master clock (Blog entry), 2010-04-03.

March 2010:

Microsoft, Ford team on electric car software (Business Week), 2010-03-31.
Oracle revamps Tuxedo for mainframe rehosting (InfoWorld), 2010-03-31.
Red Hat focuses new RHEL 5.5 on multicore (InfoWorld), 2010-03-30.
Red Hat Moves into Desktop Virtualization (InfoWorld), 2010-03-30.
Microsoft to update communications server (Computerworld), 2010-03-24.
IBM, Microsoft court SMBs with cloud, appliances (Industry Standard), 2010-03-23.
British Gov't to Invest 30 Million in Semantic Web (PC World), 2010-03-23.
Multicore requires OS rework, Windows architect advises (Network World), 2010-03-19.
IBM Adds DB2 to Lotus Foundations SMB Package (PC World), 2010-03-19.
Microsoft sweetens pot for the virtual-desktop curious (Network World), 2010-03-18.
Twitter in China? In Due Time, Twitter Founder Promises (New York Times online), 2010-03-15.
Oracle loses XML co-inventor to Google Ex-Sun XML evangelist Tim Bray starts with Google's Android team (InfoWorld), 2010-03-15.
Microsoft researcher wins Turing Award Charles Thacker awarded (Computerworld), 2010-03-09.
W3C pulls former Novell CTO for CEO spot (Computerworld), 2010-03-08.
WordPress Guns for Web Content Management Duties (New York Times Web), 2010-03-09.
Microsoft pulls plug on business server package (InfoWorld), 2010-03-04.
Microsoft envisions ultra-modular data centers (Network World), 2010-03-04.
Toyota's woes raise questions about auto electronics (Business Week), 2010-03-02.
Citrix's Vision for the Virtualized Enterprise (CIO), 2010-03.

February 2010:

VMware to acquire software, personnel from parent EMC (Business Week), 2010-02-26.
Microsoft Pitches Multiuser OS for Education Market (PC World), 2010-02-25.
Citrix buys Paglo to boost asset managemen (Computerworld), 2010-02-24.
U.S. to review Toyota electronics (Computerworld), 2010-02-24.
FSF to Google: Free the On2 video codec Free Software Foundation urges Google to open source the video codec acquired with On2 (LinuxWorld), 2010-02-22.
Unix: Decoding binary files with Octal Dump (Blog Entry), 2010-02-22.
Google fights for orphaned books (Computerworld), 2010-02-19.
Lego creating multiplayer online game (IT World), 2010-02-17. (Slashdot)
Unix: Indexing files with inode (Blog Entry), 2010-02-16.
Microsoft adds new procedures to Windows 7 activation Microsoft wants users to recertify Windows 7 (InfoWorld), 2010-02-12.
Oracle calls for JavaOne papers (InfoWorld), 2010-02-11.
IBM explores cheaper solar cells IBM's new material mixture could cut costs of building solar arrays (Network World), 2010-02-10.
HP app preserves SharePoint for the ages HP releases a new version of its Trim records management software (Network World), 2010-02-09.
SAP hits reset button with CEO change The ERP company hopes to develop entirely new lines of software and focus on making customers happy again (InfoWorld), 2010-02-08.
IBM details world's fastest graphene transistor The researchers' discoveries and work could lead to commercial-scale production of the chips (Network World), 2010-02-05.
IETF turns introspective with new wiki A new IETF wiki documents the successes and failures in developing protocol standards (Network World), 2010-02-04. (Slashdot)
NY hospital cuts power bill with thin-client virtualization (Network World), 2010-02-03.
Citrix sees smartphone as thin client Your next desktop thin-client device could be your smartphone (Network World), 2010-02-01.
The Gap: BI better in enterprise-wide deployment (Computerworld), 2010-02-01.
Citrix's Vision for the Virtualized Enterprise (CIO), 2010-03.

January 2010:

Windows: Troubleshooting a non-working Hosts file What do you do when your Windows XP computer isn't recognizing the Hosts file? (Blog entry), 2010-01-31.
Microsoft revenue boosted by Windows 7 (Computerworld), 2010-01-28.
Oracle Brings Solaris, Sparc Into Virtualization Portfolio (PC World), 2010-01-27.
Sandia tests supercomputer virtualization (Network World), 2010-01-25.
VMware revenue lifted by maintenance fees (Computerworld), 2010-01-25.
Java's future uncertain under Oracle's grip (Infoworld), 2010-01-21.
FileTek archives e-mail for Laserfiche (Network World Asia), 2010-01-21.
Heartland moves to encrypted payment system (Computerworld), 2010-01-20.
IT firms promote interactive digital signs at retail show (ITworld), 2010-01-14.
Survey: Social Media Not Useful for BI Yet (PC World), 2010-01-12.
IBM: Consumers demand more interactivity An online survey by the company found that consumers want to engage more closely with retailers (Network World), 2010-01-11.
SAP plays up sustainability angle of green IT (ComputerWorld), 2010-01-11.
W3C posts draft standard for local database storage The Indexed Database API will allow Web apps to store structured data in browsers (InfoWorld), 2010-01-08.
Microsoft, Accenture to launch retail service package Style Star service aims to make new media marketing easier for retailers (NetworkWorld), 2010-01-08.
OpenStreetMap Attracts 200,000 Volunteers (PC World), 2010-01-08.
New version of Groovy cozies up to Java, SQL (InfoWorld), 2010-01-05.
Creating a Smarter Web Profile of UMBC computer science professor Tim Finin (UMBC Magazine), 2010-01.