Stories, articles, and blog entries I've written, in reverse chronological order (Note: Links may become outdated over time):

December 2009:

Subscriptions boost Red Hat revenue (ComputerWorld), 2009-12-23.
Firefox 3.5 edges ahead in browser race (Network World), 2009-12-21.
Latest Firefox beta supports HTML 5, CSS specs (InfoWorld), 2009-12-18.
MySQL developers release 5.5 beta (LinuxWorld), 2009-12-18.
Canonical CEO steps aside (LinuxWorld), 2009-12-17.
Dell Launches Dedicated Services Organization (PCWorld), 2009-12-16.
Citrix debuts Microsoft Hyper-V-based disaster recovery app (InfoWorld), 2009-12-15.
Multiple consumer electronics companies hit with GPL lawsuit (ComputerWorld), 2009-12-14.
Cloud computing disarms State Department's worries over fast system deployment (GCN), 2009-12-11.
GSA adds up cloud savings (GCN), 2009-12-11.
HP Patches OpenView Vulnerabilities (NetworkWorld), 2009-12-10.
Red Hat Open Sources Virtual Desktop Application Protocol (TechWorld), 2009-12-09.
Top 10 Books of 2009 (Contributor) (Baltimore City Paper), 2009-12-09.
JSON Data Interchange Format Gets Standards Blessing (InfoWorld), 2009-12-09.
Functional dependencies: How databases relate (Blog entry), 2009-12-08.

November 2009:

Attempted break ins are, almost, an everyday thing (GCN), 2009-11-20.
NASA program proves the benefits of social networking (GCN), 2009-11-20.
Locking down Windows with virtualization (GCN), 2009-11-20.
Warning crooks: Bucks County, Pa., has your number (GCN), 2009-11-20.
A-Space melds social media and intelligence gathering (GCN), 2009-11-20.
White House friends GSA, comments on social media (GCN), 2009-11-19.
Energy labs jostle for top supercomputer honors (GCN), 2009-11-18.
Open-source tools could make it easier to build a hybrid cloud (GCN), 2009-11-13.
Towns host each other's recovery data (GCN), 2009-11-10.
Two examples of how government data linking can work (GCN), 2009-11-09.
How the Semantic Web would work (GCN), 2009-11-09.
The Web's next act: A worldwide database (GCN), 2009-11-09.
Cloud computing could generate big-time savings (GCN), 2009-11-06.
IPv4 addresses almost gone (GCN), 2009-11-06.
GSA to debut link shortener by year's end (GCN), 2009-11-05.
Is PDF hurting transparency? (GCN), 2009-11-04.

October 2009:

Tim Berners-Lee: Machine-readable Web still a ways off (GCN), 2009-10-30.
White House shift to open-source Web system draws mostly praise (GCN), 2009-10-29.
DOD open-source memo could change software landscape (GCN), 2009-10-28.
Can your computer read a Web page without your help? Soon it might (GCN), 2009-10-28.
DOD's new rules promote open source (GCN), 2009-10-27.
Cloud providers push for new software-pricing model (Washington Technology), 2009-10-27.
The high cost of failures on the network (GCN), 2009-10-26.
Resource description tool can add smarts to your Web pages (GCN), 2009-10-23.
Service agencies conjure their own clouds (GCN), 2009-10-23.
PHP: Post the results of a simple MySql Query on a Web Page (Blog Entry), 2009-10-24.
Business intell speeds Recovery Act reporting for DOE (GCN), 2009-10-22.
Analysts predict feds could save big money with cloud computing (GCN), 2009-10-21.
Pentagon certifies Alfresco records management app (GCN), 2009-10-20.
Web: Assimilating Your Data into the Hive Mind, a 50K view (Blog Entry), 2009-10-15.
DISA makes 50 applications available for others to use and improve (GCN), 2009-10-12.
Necessity was the mother of many of DISA's apps (GCN), 2009-10-12. The cyber shot heard around the world (GCN), 2009-10-12. sets requirements on privacy, quality and security (GCN), 2009-10-12.
Databases: Further Defining Entities (Blog Entry), 2009-10-11.
Up-front software costs a problem for government cloud providers (GCN), 2009-10-09.
Windows 7: Not all that Cracked up to be (GCN), 2009-10-09.
States urged to create data catalogs (GCN), 2009-10-07.
Interior developing cloud infrastructure (GCN), 2009-10-06.
Agencies face tough questions on cloud computing (GCN), 2009-10-06.
DISA ramps up cloud-computing platform (GCN), 09-10-05.
Databases: Entities, Relationships and the Attributes That Define Them (Blog Entry), 2009-10-04.
Feds offer White House plenty of ideas on budget-cutting (GCN), 2009-10-01.

September 2009:

NSF commissions supercomputer to visualize ever-larger data sets (GCN), 2009-09-29.
Cut the cords to storage networking (GCN), 2009-09-28.
GSA doesn't expect overnight success with apps store (GCN), 2009-09-25.
Denial-of-service-attack worries dominate Cisco patching (GCN), 2009-09-25.
How OpenID can lighten the load on user authentication schemes (GCN), 2009-09-25.
Consortium releases comprehensive new version of HR-XML (GCN), 2009-09-24.
When nanoseconds matter, these products can help (GCN), 2009-09-23.
The Story Tellers (City Paper - contribution), 2009-09-23.
Databases: Understanding the relational model (Blog Entry), 2009-09-23.
Cureton tabbed as next NASA chief information officer (GCN), 2009-09-22.
WordPress: Quick directions for adding OpenID (Blog Entry), 2009-09-20.
Standards body issues draft advisory on maintaining open government data (GCN), 2009-09-18.
Google readies government cloud offering (GCN), 2009-09-16.
DoD rethinking build versus buy (GCN), 2009-09-14.
Apache: Assembling Web pages with Server Side Includes. (Blog Entry), 2009-09-12
GSA's Casey Coleman sees mix of public, private services in the cloud (GCN), 2009-09-10.
Facebook sets up government page (GCN), 2009-09-09.
Open Government Directive only weeks away (GCN), 2009-09-09.
NOAA finishes supercomputer (GCN), 2009-09-08.
D.C. announces Apps for Democracy winner (GCN), 2009-09-04.
NOAA finishes supercomputer (GCN ), 2009-09-08.
Help wanted: Agencies will need 11,000 more IT workers (GCN), 2009-09-03.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 released (GCN), 2009-09-02. slammed for sloppy design (GCN), 2009-09-02.
The Tweet Science (UMBC Alumni Magazine), 2009-09-01.
Laptop Computers Buying Guide (National Geographic Green Guide), 2009-09-01.