A few recent published stories on information technology:

Uber Devises a Scheduler to Run TensorFlow Deep Learning Jobs Across Multiple GPUs While Big Data tools such as Spark and MapReduce may offer a resilient way to spread a job out across multiple nodes in such a way that the work can tolerate the failure of a few nodes, some deep lear (The New Stack), 2019-09-19.

CNCF Adds Oracle, Onboards the Envoy and Jaeger Projects The Cloud Native Computing Foundation continues to gain momentum, signing on as a sponsor one of the most venerable enterprise software companies, Oracle, and adding two more cloud-native projects to (The New Stack), 2017-09-12.

Open Source Summit: Kubernetes as the New Linux Even as the Linux Foundation celebrates the ongoing success of its open source operating system kernel, the ever-shifting technology landscape may shuffle operating systems aside to put another player (The New Stack), 2017-09-12.

Don’t Panic: How PagerDuty Handles Incident Management As cutting edge as the PagerDuty’s cloud-based technology may be, the company adheres to a set of well-defined procedures around how to handle manage crises, drawing from the U.S. government Nationa (The New Stack), 2017-09-07.

Node.js Forked Again Over Complaints of Unresponsive Leadership The codebase for popular Node.js JavaScript runtime has been forked again — the second time in less than three years — with a growing number of contributors charging that the Technical Steering C (The New Stack), 2017-08-23.