A few recent published stories on information technology:

Salesforce Open Sources an Engine to Automate ML Model Building Enterprise service provider Salesforce has released as open source the automated model-building engine that the company uses for its Einstein AI-driven analytics service. (The New Stack), 2018-08-16.

Oracle Open Sources GraphPipe, a Network Protocol for Machine Learning Models Oracle has invented what it feels is a better way of passing machine learning (ML) data across a network, and it is sharing this protocol with the world. (The New Stack), 2018-08-15.

Nvidia Debuts AI-Ready Turing GPUs, with Real-Time Ray Tracing GPU Manufacturer Nvidia has introduced a new chip architecture designed specifically for artificial intelligence deep learning work. (The New Stack), 2018-08-14.

Q&A Scalyr CEO Steve Newman: Faster Log Queries, Scalable App Monitoring You may not know the name of Steve Newman name, but chances are you haveve come into contact with his work. He was one of the brains behind Google Docs (The New Stack), 2018-08-14.

CNCF Seeks to Advance IT Performance Monitoring with OpenMetrics Spec The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has taken on a project to standardize and advance the way performance metrics are reported for cloud-native applications. (The New Stack), 2018-08-10.

Microservices Monitor Prometheus Emerges from CNCF Incubation Software originally created by SoundCloud to monitor a complex set of dynamically-provisioned software services has graduated from an incubation program sponsored by the Cloud Native Computing Foundat (The New Stack), 2018-08-09.

https://thenewstack.io/oracle-extends-autonomous-database-to-transactional-work/ Making a case for how relentless automation can save significant money for the enterprise, Oracle has extended its flagship database’s autonomous features to transactional processing. (The New Stack), 2018-08-08.

Istio 1.0: Come for Traffic Routing, Stay for Distributed Tracing While first-time users may be drawn to the Istio service mesh initially for the headaches it removes in traffic routing, they may later be pleased at discovering the software’s distributed tracing c (The New Stack), 2018-08-01.

CNCF Cloud-Native Stack Gets a Private Container Registry from VMware The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has taken on the VMware Harbor container registry as a Sandbox-level hosted project. (The New Stack), 2018-07-31.

Google Adds Machine Learning Modeling to BigQuery In an attempt to make machine learning (ML) easier for both the developer and the data scientist, Google has added built-in machine learning modeling capabilities to its BigQuery serverless data wareh (The New Stack), 2018-07-27.

With Knative, Google Brings Multicloud Serverless to the Enterprise Google wants to make serverless computing easy enough for even the enterprise to use. (The New Stack), 2018-07-25.

Q&A LinkedIn’s Nikolai Avteniev: Code Review in the Age of DevOps Earlier this year, LinkedIn engineer Nikolai Avteniev gave a talk at the Software Craftsmanship conference in New York City about the modern code review process and how it’s practiced at LinkedIn. (The New Stack), 2018-07-24.