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`Attach an applet to everything. Overload the front page like a Mexican fruit truck!'-- Flesh, Pigdog

Programming and System Administration

Below are a few programs and scripts I've written. I wrote a few to carry out administrative tasks. Others I wrote as part of some programming class. Still others I wrote mostly to see what the language can do. It is all pretty simple stuff--I'm a tech journalist, not a programmer. Feel free to download any of them, though they come with no guarantees.

Below you will also find some notes on various programming languages, operating systems and other technologies, which I documented mostly for my own reference.

Notes and Quick Guides on Various Programming Languages and Operating Systems:




MySQL Administration

Python Quick Guide






Regular Expressions

Miscellaneous Technology

Various Programs and Scripts:

Post Story Links: For writers of online stories: This PHP script asks the user for the link, name, description, publication and date of a story that was posted, then formats the results into an HTML list that can be inserted into a Web page. Fill in the info in the html page, and the Web page hands it to the PHP page, which in turns writes it to a flat file, called StoryAdd.txt. Remove the ".txt" from both file names, and assure your permissions are correct: (HTML file) (PHP file)

MacChangeToUnix: A Bash shell script that converts a file from the MAC format to the Unix format: (script) (text)

ChangeToUnix: A Bash shell script that converts a file from the DOS format to the Unix format: (script) (text)

StarCatcher (Java) A Java command-line program that extracts all the ratings in your iTunes program.

Countdown to Burning Man 2006 (CGI, Bash shell) A CGI script that basically acts as a countdown to a particular date, in this case to Burning Man 2006. But the dates (there are several) can be changed to any other times. It is written in Bash and can be executed from the Unix command line(with the header removed). In its present form, it can be run as a CGI page, if your hosting service offers CGI. If so, take off the "RemoveMeToActivate" suffix (making .cgi the new suffix). Don't forget to change the file permissions.

XML markup for address book (XML) This ZIP file has three files: a DTD file defining XML fields for a home address book, an XML page containing these fields, and a CSS file for basic layout for rendering the XML file as a Web page. One of these days, I might write a Web-based address book using these.

Degree Converter (Visual Basic) A Windows program that takes degrees of angle and converts them into radians and the decimal equivalent.

360 degree panorama of my home office, using Quick Time circa 1997 Hold the mouse down and drag the cursor around to move the image.

Temperature Converter (Java) A simple Java program that converts the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Written for a Java Introduction class. Zip package includes source and the program.

Java Object Template (Java) An instructional Java program that shows how a single class can be used to run two objects. Zip package includes source and the program.

Applet Template (Java) A template for creating a Java applet. Zip package includes source and the program.