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Where The Plane Went Down: The Lynyrd Skynyrd Memorial

February, 2022

Here are the woods where Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane went down in the late evening of Oct 20, 1977, just short of a field where it could have more-or-less landed safely.

2202-MU-Lynyrd_Skynyrd The Lynyrd Skynyrd Memorial, Gillsburg, Mississippi marks the spot where the band's charter flight ran out of fuel.

Little Rock Itinerary They were on their way that night to Baton Rouge for a concert the next day...


Brush The pilot hoped to make it to a nearby airfield but when the engine sputtered out, the plane slowly and silently glided over the deep Mississippi woods before descending into the trees with a large crash...

Forest-01 Farmers, nearby hunters, and residents formed a rescue party when they heard the noise...

Forest-02 ..but, as the sun went down, they initially couldn’t find the wreckage, as there was no tell-tale fire or smoke due to the lack of fuel.


I just found this memorial by accident, on my way down Highway 55 on my way to New Orleans. The site is about 10 miles west off the highway, so if you go cache your Google Maps because there’s no cell coverage out yonder. I'm glad I did though, as I love me some Skynyrd....