Gallery Opening

Nepantla: Esteban Cabeza de Baca

February 2021

The thresholds between worlds is defined by the Nahuatl (Mexicano) word “Nepantla.” With the paintings (and sculpture) of Esteban Cabeza de Baca, this Garth Greenan (NYC) exhibit explores "the complex spiritual potential" of such places.

Cabeza de Baca himself grew up in San Ysidro. Situated between San Diego and Tijuana, the town is a thoroughfare of cultures: The U.S., Mexican, and the rest of the world traveling through.

The paintings recognize these spaces between these worlds in a number of ways. They slyly step in and out of classical "Cartesian single-point perspective." They capture the borders between night and day, the vivid New Mexican skies of dawn and dusk, a moonlight so bright it turns the land into a negative of itself.

2102-FA-Esteban_Cabeza_DeBaca-Garth_Greenan "Vessels"

I_Believe_In_Mr_Grieves "I Believe in Mr. Grieves"

Medicina_Lunar Medicina Lunar

Mesa_Glorieta Mesa Glorieta

Nature_Never_Forgives "Nature Never Forgives"