Photo Gallery

Art Distancing at the Storm King Arts Center

December 2020

Take your walking shoes to the Storm King Arts Center, because you will be doing some traveling over those rolling hills of upstate New York. Each sculpture is a nice little ramble from the next one. This forced ambulation is good, because the break from walking encourages a lengthy reflection on each piece when you finally do come upon it, inspecting the work from multiple angles, before trudging off to the next piece over the hill.

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture Alexander Liberman, "Adam," 1970

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-01 Alexander Calder, "The Arch," 1975

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-03 David Von Schlegell, Untitled, 1972

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-04 Alexander Liberman, "Adonai," 1970–71

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-05 Louise Bourgeois, "Eyes," 2001

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-06 Hans Hokanson, "Helixikos Number 3," 1969

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-07 Alice Aycock, "Three-Fold Manifestation II," 1987

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-08 Charles Ginnever "Fayette: For Charles and Medgar Evers," 1971

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-09 Unknown, "Easter Island Head" (reproduction)

2012-FA-Stormking-Sculpture-10 Chakaia Booker, "A Moment in Time," 2004 (with Jo!)

George Cutts, "Sea Change," 1996