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Early European Iron and Steel Weaponry

August, 2019

The Philadelphia Museum of Art displays a collection early weapons forged from iron and metal. The Polearms, created in between the 14th and and 17th century, were farm tool designs refashioned into weapons. These examples were from Austria and German, usually forged by the hand of the blacksmith. "Carried by men on foot, they were primarily used during combat to cut, thrust, and crush enemies."

Though more elaborate, the Halberds were more for decoration, as emblems of state power. "Carried by guards, they were richly decorated and bore designs meant to identify a ruler and publicly display his authority as the head of a state."

Keywords: Iron Age, Technology History, Metallurgy... (See also "The Dawn of the Iron Age")

PoleArm-01 PoleArm

PoleArm-02 PoleArm

PoleArm-03 PoleArm

PoleArm-04 PoleArm

1908-FA-PMA-Iron_Weaponry Halberd

Halbert-01 Halberd

Halbert-03 Halberd