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Travelogue: Walking into Yorklyn for a Beer

July, 2019

Here is a photo journal of my recent summer evening walk to a brewpub in the tiny town of Yorklyn, Delaware, from the family farm just a few hills and over the state line in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, I had not hiked this route in decades. So I caught it all as an Instagram story.

01-Intro The Journey Begins

02-Bees Bees

02-M-Bees Bees

03-Map Ezy Pezy

04-Road Road

05-Harveys Harvey's Old Place

06-Find_Trail Find the Trail

07-Barn Barn

08-Crossing Crossing the Field

09-Humanity Into the woods

10-Brambly The brambly woods

11-Town_Below Yorklyn Below

12-Nowhere_Road Nowhere Road

13-Lives_Here Who Lives Here?

14-Civilization Civilization

15-Trailer Trailer

16-No_Socks No Socks

17-Toxic_Masculinity "Toxic Masculinity"

18-Shortcut Shortcut!

19-Lightning_Bugs-Civilization Lightning Bugs, Civilization

20-DewPoint DewPoint Inn

21-Beer The Nitwit

22-Dark Darkness