Photo Gallery

Matias Faldbakken, Screen Overlaps

March, 2019

"Composed of reconfigured readymades ranging from an antique meat grinder to mass-produced plastic furniture, the objects are collided with crude, screen-like plastered surfaces onto which Faldbakken applies a sequence of repeated images" (Gallery Notes).

Matias Faldbakken, Paula Cooper gallery, Chelsea NYC , #Chelsea #GalleryOpening #MixedMedia #FoundObjects #NorwegianArt

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1903-FA-Matias_Faldbakken-Jacket "Untitled" (2017)

Faldbakkan "Untitled" (2017), detail

Fuel sculptures "Fuel Sculptures" (2017): "Using funnels, jerry cans and plastic jugs as casting molds for poured concrete sculptures, Faldbakken renders visible the innards of these ubiquitous items, collapsing internal and external forms. Here, the use of unremarkable materials and seemingly indifferent execution challenges traditional modes for generating sculpture."