Let's Get It Online--Three Tales of Anonymous Cybersex

January, 17 1996

Beth: "When I first started going to the MOO, I found one person I liked, for the stupid reason that he 'intuitively' knew, or hoped, I was a girl. He was the first one to be nice to me. He showed me around, how to do stuff. Every time I'd come to the MOO, he'd seek me out. I thought he was nice.

"Anyhow, I suppose he made me into his `girlfriend.' And as a normal course of courtship he initiated cybersex. It was fun, strange. I didn't care for typing all that corny make-believe stuff, but I liked reading it--I am fond of pornography.

"We `broke up' after I decided this dude was just way too weird. He too often professed his love for me--how he would think of me all the time, how I was the perfect girl for him.

"I've also 'done it' with two females and a male--which was more amusing than anything. With four people typing, one is sticking this there when the other was licking that. It's kind of ridiculous.

"A theory I have is people who are actually experiencing fulfilling sex lives in real life don't much care for cybersex. My first net sex partner, I think it is safe to say, never had intercourse, and probably won't for a while, unless he finds some horny drunk geek chick. Sorry, mean, but, in my opinion, true.

Lola: "The first time I signed on, I went bounding straight for the cybersex. I heard so much about it, and By God I was going to get me some. It was disgustingly easy to find, I went to a general interest lesbian chat room.

"This one woman invited me to meet her in the chat room called Girl Fun. I didn't know going to a private chat room meant essentially consenting to cybersex. The first thing she asked was `What are you wearing?' I wrote `jeans and a t-shirt.' I didn't know it was this fantasy thing, I finally figured out what was going on when she asked how big were my breasts were. So we started talking dirty to each other, describing how we would be fucking each other were we actually in the same room. I noticed there was a lurker. On AOL, the chat rooms list people logged on, right after we logged in, this other person logged in, but didn't say anything.

"She's talking about the things she wants to do and I'm trying to participate but it felt so strange and artificial. It was like faking an orgasm. Sometimes I would type `Mmm, baby that sounds good.' I can tell the woman was getting excited because her spelling got more erratic.

"Eventually she figured out I wasn't really participating, she asked what's wrong, I said `basically this is not doing anything for me' and logged off. She sent me another message that said `please come back and talk about this.' I said okay and went back in. As soon as I logged back on, the lurker logged back on too. Apparently they cybercruise together.

"In the end cybersex is not about the other person, it's about you and your projected fantasies. It was entirely possible for me not to participate and for her not to notice.

Rich: "I've actually got three different personalities on AOL. One is a bisexual male, one is a straight male, the other I play a bisexual female.

"So it allows me to experiment with the other side of myself, to play around with it a little bit, and yeah, you do get aroused. If you have people typing that they are doing your favorite thing in the world to you, of course that's going to turn you on.

"But it's more fun to see what I can get away with. It's mostly an experiment in creative writing. How well I can turn my thoughts into text--Can I really make somebody really hot by writing.

"When I go online as my female screen name, I've had people ask me, `Are you really a woman?' I type back `Yes' and tell them that's the end of the discussion. I have a provocative screen name. My good friend and I logged on one night and went right into the People Connection. We were not in the lobby 30 seconds, and we get three messages from three guys. They were all like `What's your measurements?' My friend and I were sitting there laughing.

"I think all of horny America is out there on the computer. It's all just a big sausage sling. When, in my male persona, I first came across the Married-Bi-Men for Married-Bi-Men room, I jumped in hoping to discuss marriage topics with other married bi guys. The first guy I talked to, after five lines of text, typed `I'm seven inches long, circumcised, hairy chest, firm ass. What do you look like?'

"There's no place easier to pick somebody up than on the computer. You can sit there in a dirty old t-shirt from work. You don't have to put on any false pretenses, you log on and say `Hey, I want to get laid, who wants to have some hot cyber?' Somebody will jump on it, they always do.

--Joab Jackson

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